Grinstead Drive is Scarier Than Clowns

Grinstead Drive is beautiful in the fall!
Grinstead Drive is beautiful in the fall!

**They’ve made Grinstead Dr less scary. Here’s the follow-up.

Since I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, Grinstead Dr has been somewhat of a nemesis since it robbed the integrity of the hood and front bumper on my first vehicle (1989 Honda Prelude – Yellow) after I crossed traffic and hit a telephone pole head on in the snow.  Yes, I was 17.  No, I wasn’t speeding.  I also have another nemesis: Clowns.  They are wicked scary.  Whether you live in The Highlands or not, if you live in Louisville, KY you might have driven down Grinstead Dr once or twice.  The claustrophobic 4-lane thoroughfare begins at Stilz Ave in 40206, continues under I-64, crosses Lexington Rd, crosses Bardstown Rd, and ends at Barret Ave where the road becomes Winter Ave in 40204.

Some of you already have a visual of which curve I lost control on, and others of you can’t get the image of a clown out of your head.  Either way, if you’ve ever driven Grinstead Dr then you know that there are three serious curves where, if you’re not paying attention, bad things can happen.  My accident was closer to Stilz Ave by the seminary, which to me is the least deadly curve of the three.  The other two curves are fittingly located along Cave Hill Cemetery, which is convenient to ensure a quick delivery should something go wrong.  While the road is a bit small in places, I have come to realize that you can navigate Grinstead Dr just fine…IF you are going the speed limit.

So now, instead of Grinstead Dr being my “clown”, the drivers have become the “clowns”.  The curves are pretty sharp, but it’s a lot easier to stay in your own lane when you obey the speed limit (35 mph).  Look, I’m not saying I don’t drive 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit occasionally on other roads or highways, but NEVER on Grinstead Dr or anything as busy and dangerous as it is.  Just over the holidays I saw three different vehicle collisions between both of the “Cave Hill curves” that involved a total of six cars.  Some cars were scattered across the residential lawn at the corner of Ransdell, some were at Glenmary, but ALL airbags in ALL vehicles were deployed.  These three accidents occurred over the period of four days!  What?!?!  That’s crazy.  Let’s not forget that there are nice Highlands homes all over Grinstead…and sidewalks…with pedestrians…and sometimes I am the pedestrian.

I find myself staring at the double yellow line as I twist around Grinstead now, scanning for other tires that cross into my lane.  It’s a great defensive move since you can’t get everyone to slow down.  You have to pay attention and grab the wheel with two hands or one of these clowns might take you out!

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