Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Closes. Wait…WHAT?

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A lot of people were disappointed this morning when they arrived at the front door of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe only to find it was CLOSED!  If you’re like me and most other people in the city of Louisville, you were a bit surprised to hear the news.  For many people it would seem quite abrupt to shut your doors the way owner Lynn Winter did, especially if you live in The Highlands and you drive by the neighborhood staple frequently enough to see the crowds that gather there.  I personally haven’t been to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in over 3 months, but not because I didn’t want to.  In fact I am about due for another visit since I tend to eat breakfast at the restaurant every 3 months or so.  Unfortunately, I will not get that last morning meal. 😦

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe was open for 22 years in Louisville and is nationally known for it’s unique decor and atmosphere, not to mention that the food was delightful!  The restaurant has been on a number of cable television food shows including Food Network’s “Best of”, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  Lynn’s seemed to me and many others to be  untouchable, but just as the restaurant business goes, nothing is untouchable.  This is not to say that Lynn’s Paradise Cafe closed their doors on a bad note.

Depending on what you read and who you talk to, you will most likely encounter someone who will bring to your attention that the restaurant had some recent complaints by customers and employees alike.  I can only speak from the perspective of a guy who has spent about 13 years of his life in a great number of different restaurant capacities, and I would say this:  If you don’t have customers and staff members that complain, you don’t have a restaurant.  The truth is; the great memory of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe will long outlast these “complaints”.

We should all remember how awesome this restaurant was, and how it did its part to bring due attention to this great city of ours, and how ANYTHING that lasts 22 years through economies both bumpy and smooth should be considered a great business.  Congrats to you, Lynn Winter!  Congrats to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe!  You will be missed by Louisvillians for years to come!  Now, how much for that teapot out front?

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