Big Four Bridge Open Soon!

The Big Four Bridge at night.  Photo by Justin Thomas
The Big Four Bridge at night. Photo by Justin Thomas

The wait is over for the anticipated opening of The Big Four Bridge in downtown Louisville’s Waterfront Park.  According to Waterfront Development Corp, the revamped old train bridge is scheduled to open this Thursday, February 7th at 11:00 AM for bicycles and pedestrians.  The bridge was originally opened in 1895 and the final train crossing happened sometime in the 60’s.  As of this Thursday you can cross the river on foot and enjoy some spectacular views and features along the way.

Transforming The Big Four Bridge has been an idea for almost 20 years as waterfront park has been developed.  Last year the opening was delayed a bit, however it appears as though most of the finishes have been attended to.  On the Louisville side of the Ohio River, the $6.8 Million approach ramp has been built for quite some time now.  On the Indiana side, the $10 million approach ramp won’t be finished until the summer.  Waterfront officials are planning a formal dedication of the Big Four Bridge once construction on the Indiana side of the Ohio River is complete.

The bridge will  be open 24 hours a day with the exception of special occasions.  Some finishing plans include an additional $2 million for decorative lights on the bridge that are capable of light shows, more bench seating along the walkway across the Big Four, additional overhead lighting, as well as the image of a railroad track down the center of the bridge, designated for bicycles to ride.  I can only imagine how else they might integrate our new Big Four Bridge into Thunder Over Louisville and other Ohio River centered events in Louisville.

Big Four Bridge | Waterfront Wednesday
Big Four Bridge | Waterfront Wednesday

The Big Four transformation has been a major undertaking and is a nice way to cap off the incredible amount work that has taken place throughout the entire Waterfront Park development in Louisville.  If you want to see it in person, come see it with me on Thursday morning!  I will post a video after attending the opening this week.  Just one more reason why Louisville, KY is such a cool city!


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