Buying a Home in Louisville, KY: Step 3

A view of downtown Louisville, KY and Waterfront Park
A view of downtown Louisville, KY and Waterfront Park

Provided you followed steps one and two, step three of buying a home should involve a little more excitement.  First, you called a Realtor (me).  You talked with that Realtor about some wants and some needs for your new home.  Now we know what kind of home you need.  Then you got pre-approved.  Now we know what you qualify for and more importantly, what you are comfortable paying.  All we have to do now is search.  Step 3 is find the right house!

Notice I said the right house.  For whatever reason, certain people are terrified of Realtors.  People sometimes think that I am trying to sell them something.  As a buyer’s representative, I am not trying to sell you anything.  My job is to find the home you want and assist you in purchasing it.  When we met in step one, I asked you all the right questions in order to find out exactly what you need and where you need it.  The answers you gave me will help me search effectively.  As your Realtor I will email you property listings that fit your needs and requirements.  You will look through all the pictures and pick your favorites.  We can then set a day to walk through these favorites and hopefully pick one to purchase.

Buying a home doesn’t have to be super stressful.  Keep in mind:
1)  It is important to see homes in person.  Professional photography is beautiful and can sometimes show the home a little nicer than it actually is.
2)  It is important to drive by the homes that interest you the most.  Drive through the neighborhood at different times of day and pay attention to the condition of other houses on the street.
3)  Remember the top five things that you need in a house and stick to them.  Only look at homes that meet the top five.
4)  Don’t listen to what other people tell you. We all love our friends and family, but unless they are Realtors or they’re splitting the cost of the home with you, they shouldn’t be in your ear telling you the things they saw on HGTV.  Sometimes this is the hardest part of buying a home.  Everyone wants to be an expert, but the fact is that no matter how many homes you have bought, the Realtor looks at the market every day, closes transactions every week, and ultimately knows the ins and outs of the process better than anyone.
5)  Most people find the home they want to buy after looking at 10 or fewer homes.  If you have already looked at 20 then you need to re-establish your NEEDS in a meeting with your Realtor.

Buying a home should be informative and exciting.  If you follow the steps that I am laying out, the process will be just that.  If you need to get started, call me at 502.509.9278 or email  You can also search Louisville homes for sale
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