Widespread Panic at the Palace Theater Louisville

A scene from the balcony during Widespread Panic's last visit to the Louisville Palace Theater
A scene from the balcony during Widespread Panic’s last visit to the Louisville Palace Theater

Once again, The Palace Theater downtown Louisville, KY will host a two-night run featuring Widespread Panic.  The last time Panic was in town was April of 2011, kicking off their spring tour just before going on a one year hiatus.  The band has visited Louisville on a number of occasions including a two-night run at Forecastle Festival, a one nighter at forecastle, and a great number of visits to the Palace prior to 2007.  There were several years that Widespread Panic did not return to the Palace Theater, and there are several different explanations for it.  I got the feeling that there was a “falling out” of sorts with The Palace, but regardless, they are back!

Widespread Panic Cin

Some of you may not be as excited for this visit, but I can hardly contain myself.  First, this is my favorite band.  Second, they have been on hiatus for a year, so the last time I saw them was….ding ding, at the Palace in 2011!  Third, pretty much any show you see at The Palace Theater in Louisville is freakin’ awesome!  This venue has incredible sound, and there is not a bad seat in the joint.  Just walking into the theater feels great and you are guaranteed to run into some kind folks that you know either from Louisville, or friends you have met at other Widespread Panic shows.  A 2008 interview with John Bell (JB), the front man for Widespread Panic, indicated that the band enjoys Louisville and The Palace Theater in general.

The lights are always pretty
The lights are always nice

Tickets are still on sale for the April 16th and 17th shows at the Palace Theater although they will most likely be gone soon.  Get ’em while you can if you’re a fan.  If you’re not a fan, maybe try it out.  Widespread Panic always puts on an amazing show and you will be in good company all night long.  This visit brings to mind the lyrics from one of my favorite Panic tunes.  “…another good excuse for a celebration”.


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