Best Burger in Louisville? How about 5 of them.


Can you really name just one as “best burger”?  I mean, I have different “food moods” all the time.  The same holds true for my burger moods:  Sometimes I want a “no frills” burger and sometimes I want a “fancy” burger.  Sometimes I want something in between.  We have a lot to choose from in Louisville so I have decided (after eating a killer single last night from Bunz) to break down a top five list for you.  I have chosen five very different burgers that really stand out as best burger in Louisville to me.

Since it is fresh on my mind I will start with Bunz Burgerz, right in the Highlands.  This place is awesome!  I have never had so much flavor from a burger that is not cooked over an open flame.  They have a ton of build-your-own options, as well as featured burgers.  Of course, the BUN is delicious as well!  You can always find a great chicken sandwich as well as the Kentucky Bison burger on the specials board.  They make their own delicious onion rings and some of the most creative home-made poppers you can find (real jalapeno poppers, philly steak poppers, you name it).  Don’t forget their signature Bunz sauce, which you will definitely want on your burger, as well as on the side to dip your fries in!

Bunz Burgerz
Bunz Burgerz

Speaking of a burger that is cooked on a flat-top,  Kern’s Corner, which is also in the Highlands, makes one of the best!  This is as simple as it gets.  A little local watering hole that serves the true “no frills” burger.  They don’t need many things on their menu because everyone wants either the burger or the chili.  It’s made fresh right in front of you with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle and dropped on a very simple bun.  The result is a juicy burger for the burger lover.

Moving right along to another best burger in Louisville, and the last of the simpler burgers, Ollie’s Trolley in Old Louisville is the bomb.  It’s a trolley…that serves delicious, messy, greasy burgers and fries.  Period.  Get it the way you want it.  Single, double, cheese, ketchup, bacon whatever!  Get fries too.  The fries are solid.  The white wax paper and foil that the burger is wrapped in says it all.  It’s like getting a Philly cheesesteak in a brown paper bag…it speaks volumes.

Switching gears a bit here, we will look at the gourmet burger food truck, Grind.  These guys are all local, all the time.  They use local ingredients at every chance they get, including grass-fed beef from Fox Hollow Farm.  Grind has a strong signature burger which is always on their menu that includes thick cut bacon, brie, and hot pepper jelly.  Certainly they have the regular cheeseburger on the menu, but they also offer a great vegan veggie burger, as well as rotating specials.  Friend them on facebook or follow them on twitter. UPDATE: Grind no longer operates their food truck. They have a lovely restaurant now in NuLu at 829 E Market St. Go eat their burgers!

Grind Food Truck

Last but not least can also be found in the Highlands.  Jack Fry’s produces a stout, quality cheeseburger.  Yes, Jack Fry’s is mostly known for everything else on their white tablecloth menu, but this burger does not go overlooked.  The massive burger comes with some wicked carmelized onions on it, and I like to order mine with bacon and Stilton bleu cheese.

Are there other delicious burgers in Louisville?  Yep.  So I did a follow-up top 5 best burger in Louisville.

7 thoughts on “Best Burger in Louisville? How about 5 of them.

    1. I am about to write a follow-up post with 5 more burgers. I have not tried Highlands Tap Room’s burger, but I definitely will before I finish the follow-up post. Thanks for the tip!


  1. Not in the Highlands but had to send this your way. The old Louisville tavern . Spicy Chipotle burger was amazing. Cooked to perfection on a flat top grill.



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