From Avalon to El Camino: Are we there yet?

Avalon | Highlands Restaurant
Avalon | Highlands Restaurant

I know you remember last July when you headed out to grab a drink and a bite on the best patio in Louisville, only to find a note on the door that said you couldn’t…because Avalon was closed.  A time-tested, delicious Highlands staple was gone and all you really wanted to do was sit outside on Bardstown Rd.  Avalon was a very busy, very popular restaurant.  All of sudden they’re closed?  Bummer.

It wasn’t two months later that we began hearing rumors of multiple bidders on the property, and with big name investors involved, things were looking up.  Surely someone would take this fantastic spot on this fantastic Road and turn it into something…well, fantastic I guess.  Then, we actually heard that the “winning bidders” were the trio of investors from the recent Clifton success, The Silver Dollar.  Wow.  We are going to get to enjoy that patio again soon!  September 11, 2012 is the last time we heard about this.  Silver Dollar representatives told Louisville reporters about El Camino, the “California surftown Mexican street food” concept that they were going to be opening in the old Avalon building in late November 2012…

It’s almost March 2013 now and still nothing.  That concept sounds freakin’ amazing!  You know why? 2 reasons, 1) It’s fresh and different and will work great on that patio.  2)  IT’S NOT PIZZA.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza and The Highlands has some of the best pizza in the universe!  However, living in the 900 block of Cherokee Rd, I eat a lot of pizza, Bunz Burgers, and bar food.  So, needless to say, I am ready for some more Mexican.

But this isn’t just Mexican food.  After hearing the description of El Camino I am reminded of my last trip to Newport Beach, CA.  Get off the Balboa Island Ferry and grab a taco from whatever amazing, west coast taco stand is sitting right there!  Plus, if you haven’t been to The Silver Dollar in Clifton yet, you need to go.  Just walking in to the converted, old firehouse on Frankfort Ave gives you an idea of how these guys do things.  The atmosphere, music, decor, whiskey selection: It’s all very well thought out.  This leads me to believe that El Camino will be even cooler.  They would seem that they don’t do anything halfway.

Nobody's Home
Nobody’s Home

So, are we there yet?  Nope, and I’m impatient.  Especially when it comes to cool, new Highlands restaurants.  I can only venture a guess as to the many things that may be happening.  First, I looked on the Jefferson County PVA and found out that the last sale of this building was recorded in 2001.  So as of right now, the Avalon people still own the building as far as we know.  Sometimes the PVA can be a little slow in recording the transfer of a property, so I figured I would do a walk-by to see if there were any obvious changes being made to the building.  The building still looks like it is ready to serve Avalon dinner.  There is nothing happening in there.  Somehow this deliciousness is being stalled and I can’t seem to find out why.

For now I will have to split my time between Qdoba and El Mundo (let’s be honest, that’s not too shaby).

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