Louisville St. Patrick’s Parade in The Highlands

2013 Flier | https://www.facebook.com/Louisville.St.Patricks.Parade
2013 Flier | https://www.facebook.com/Louisville.St.Patricks.Parade

**Click here for the 2015 St Patrick’s Parade info**

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is sponsoring their 40th annual St. Patrick’s Parade this year!  If you haven’t been to this event, here’s the rundown:  The parade is always the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day.  This year it falls on Saturday, March 9.  It starts at 3:00pm and the parade line begins at Baxter Ave and Broadway, and ends at Windsor, cutting straight through the Highlands.  Depending on the weather you could see 50,000+ people lined up for this event.  It is definitely cool for children and grown-ups alike as there is plenty to do and see, plus you can always go walking through the crowd if that’s your thing.

I prefer to stay put and watch the St Patrick’s Parade roll on by.  Last year my wife and I got an outdoor table at The Outlook Inn on the corner of Christy and Baxter, and that was just fine.  Although it did get quite crowded for a lot of the afternoon, there was still plenty of room to walk.  Not to mention that it was70 degrees out.  Plus, The Outlook is inches away from our house, so that is where we go to sit outside in the spring and watch the Highlands go by.  If you don’t know Ralph and Linda, or the Outlook’s famous Bloody Mary, stop in sometime…Maybe for St Patrick’s Parade?

The St. Patrick’s Parade can be viewed from any number of great spots in The Highlands, however.  As long as you pick the right spot for the company you’re in, you’ll have a fine time!  I also like to try and make it up to the balcony at Molly Malone’s.  Having the overhead view really lets you see just how many people the St. Patrick’s Parade brings in.  Seeing that much activity and that much excitement back in The Highlands after there has been nothing happening in the winter, and definitely nothing cool happening after Christmas, is  refreshing.  It reminds me that Spring is so close you can almost smell it.  It reminds me that walking season in The Highlands is just inches away.  It reminds me that Kentucky Derby Festival is upon us!

Take note and come see the St. Patrick’s Parade March 9th on Baxter Ave.  A great time with friends and a kickoff for the fun we have ahead of us!

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