Highlands: Farmer’s Markets Return!

Douglass Loop Farmer's Market in the Fall
Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market in the Fall

As if there was a shortage of awesome things to do in the Highlands during Springtime, we need to add one more to the list:  Our beloved Farmer’s Markets return March 23rd, 2013!  Of course, The Bardstown Rd Farmer’s Market has a winter schedule, and it doesn’t seem like the Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market was closed very many weekends either, but next weekend is just one more thing to look forward to, and one more reminder that spring is here!

Here’s the deal:  living in the Highlands, we have plenty of choices for farmer’s markets.  I have not yet been to the NuLu / Phoenix Hill Farmer’s Market, but I plan to go early this year to scope it out.  It is tough for me to go anywhere but the Douglass Loop!  I’m a big fan of doing a little shopping, and then grabbing a burger from the Grind Gourmet Burger Truck (which is usually on hand at the Douglas Loop Farmer’s Market).  Also, the Douglass Loop is the only “dog friendly” market in the neighborhood.  The Bardstown Rd Farmer’s Market is great too though, and lets be honest, all of the farmer’s markets are awesome for their own reasons.  You can’t get better, fresher local fruits, veggies, cheeses, and meats than buying directly from the producer.  Here in Kentucky, we have a lot of quality producers.   I encourage you to try them all.  It’s not just the great quality, but it’s also cheaper than buying from the grocery!

Let’s not forget the convenience!  You can just walk out the door of your Highlands Home, travel a few blocks (which, who doesn’t love walking the Highlands in the springtime) and you’ve arrived at one of the three farmer’s markets  in the neighborhood.  Plus, there are always new and exciting things to see each week, and this is always a great time for fellowship with your fellow Highlands neighbors.  Ready for Spring?  Love the Highlands?  Love delicious fresh foods?  I will see you next Saturday, March 23rd at 10:00 am!

2 thoughts on “Highlands: Farmer’s Markets Return!

  1. Quarles Farm is definately getting ready for the market season and we hope all our friends will come out to celebrate spring with us at Douglass Loop Farmers Market. It’s a wonderful place to be all summer long!


  2. Rocko’s Rewards is baking up lots of our all natural dog biscuits so everyone can have a treat, we’re making up doggy Easter baskets and we’ll have an opening day special for our facebook fans! We’ve missed all of our four legged friends and can’t wait for opening day at Douglass Loop.



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