Louisville Cardinals to the Final Four!

Louisville Cardinals Basketball

It has been an interesting ride through this season, but the hard work and dedication of your Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team has paid off!  Last night, on a beautiful Easter evening, The University of Louisville Cardinals beat the Duke blue devils to make it to their second Final Four in as many years.

From the beginning of the basketball season, the Louisville Cardinals have faced adversity in many forms.  Injuries hurt the team early in the year.  Some games have looked better than others.  But there is no denying the FIGHT that is in this Louisville team.  From blowouts to buzzer shots, this Cards basketball team has experienced a lot together.  They have fought together, and for each other.  You saw their “oneness” last night in the way the entire team reacted to the horrific injury suffered by teammate, Kevin Ware.  This Louisville Cardinals basketball team, really is a team; and coach, Rick Pitino is just as much a part of it as everyone else.

It is amazing to see how much this team has improved just this season, not to mention over the course of 3 years!  The players like Peyton Siva, Gorgui Dieng, Russ Smith, Chane Behanan, have grown a tremendous amount under Rick Pitino, and it’s very apparent as you watch the Louisville Cardinals basketball team play as a unit in this NCAA tournament 2013.  Have you seen a Cards defense play like this?  More blocks, steals, rebounds than you can count!

The Louisville Cardinals basketball team is a force to be reckoned with.  Now with even more motivation to “win it for Ware”, nobody wants to be standing in the way of this Cards team.  I am excited, I am proud, I am hopeful, and I will be cheering as loud and as hard as I can.  We are all praying for Kevin Ware’s recovery and his family’s strength.  Go Cards, beat them all!


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