Bardstown Bound 2013: 10th Anniversary

Bardstown Bound 2013
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This Saturday, May 18th, 2013 from “noon to whenever” is the annual Highlands party that stretches down Bardstown Rd!  Bardstown Bound is in its 10th year now and going strong.  Each year this all-day event brings people from all over the city and state to Bardstown Rd and Baxter Ave for some good ole Highlands fun.

Many of the restaurants, pubs, boutiques, and businesses along the corridor participate in special offers, sidewalk activities, live music, and other fun stuff.  As you walk through the Highlands and take in the beauty of Spring, you will be greeted by friendly neighbors and others who are just in for the fun.  If you get tired of walking, never fear.  There will be a trolley service running from 2pm-10pm.  Maybe you want to sit while you exercise.  You can ride on the Thirsty Pedaler!

To me, this is one of the many events that makes our neighborhood such a special place.  We don’t just have a great place to walk and shop and eat and drink, but we showcase it with special events like Bardstown Bound.  The Highlands Commerce Guild is instrumental in putting this on every year, and we are all very grateful for the work that they do.

The temperature will be in the mid to upper 70’s and there seems to be a 40-50% chance of scattered showers all day.  Trust me when I say that businesses will be prepared for any rain and you should too.  Don’t let it keep you from roaming down Bardstown Rd though.  Bardstown Bound 2013 will be a blast regardless of the rain, plus who can really count on a “40% chance” of anything.  We had a 20% chance of rain yesterday and it stormed harder than ever on and off for about an hour.

Bring the kids, bring your out of town visitors, bring your dog.  Bardstown Bound is fun for all!  See you there!

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