Have you met Baby D’s Bagel and Deli?



It always smells delicious.  It tastes delicious too.  They are always adding new combinations, and fine tuning their creative menu, and now…they serve beer!  Well, actually they have served beer for a while now, but I gain more motivation and inspiration to write this post every time I walk in this place.  Open now for almost 2 years, Baby D’s Bagel and Deli is an amazing little sandwich shop on Highland Ave right next to Underground Sounds and Wick’s Pizza.  It’s not just any old sandwich shop, though.  These are bagel sandwiches.  Not just any old bagel sandwiches either.  These are steamed bagel sandwiches. Yum.  If you haven’t had a steamed bagel sandwich from Baby D’s Bagel and Deli in the Highlands, you should try one.  Seriously.  Try one for lunch or dinner.  Eat in, eat on the patio, carry out, or better yet…have it delivered!  If you don’t do bagels, never fear.  They will put any of their sandwiches in a wrap for you instead.

Not only do they get the bagels direct from New York, but they roast and smoke the meats for these fantastic sandwiches in-house.  Freshness and authenticity is a priority for these guys and they don’t stop at just the meat.  They cut fresh veggies, they make fresh soups, and they have all sorts of specially concocted spreads and dressings like their real chipotle mayo, or their wide variety of infused cream cheeses.  Baby D’s always has a ton of different bagels to choose from: Plain to Blueberry, Wheat to Bialy, there’s even a French Toast bagel!  Speaking of the French Toast Bagel, Baby D’s Bagel and Deli in the Highlands serves spectacular breakfast sandwiches too!  Sure you can come in and get a bagel with cream cheese (or even a half dozen), but I’m talking about a fresh, made-to-order scrambled egg, with ham, and smoked cheddar cheese on a wheat bagel that is steamed to perfection.  That sandwich, by the way, is called “Texting While Driving”.  Yeah, there are clever names associated with each sandwich.  Where else can you get a “Jim James”, “Notorious BLT”, “Young Cheesy”, or a “Kevin Bacon”?

Let’s not forget the beverage selection.  My favorite is the San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda.  Every once in while you have to get the Mexican coke in a glass bottle, but whatever you like is sure to be behind the counter.  As a graduate of Miami of Ohio, I can’t help but be ecstatic that this little beauty was opened in my neighborhood.  It reminds me of the great little spot in Oxford, OH that I used to frequent while attending college, but the Baby D’s Bagel and Deli in the Highlands is on steroids.

2009 Highland Ave, Louisville, KY 40204.  Go there.  If they are busy, calmly wait in line.  You will be happy when you take your first bite of steamed deliciousness!

3 thoughts on “Have you met Baby D’s Bagel and Deli?

    1. I hear ya! When they first opened, they stayed open really late, but I guess it wasn’t as lucrative as they had hoped. I think they stay open later in the summer maybe? Not sure.



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