Grind Gourmet Burger Truck Owners Respond to Criticism

You have most likely seen or read about the Wave 3 story regarding the cleanliness of food trucks and the meals they serve.  If you know or frequent any of the Louisville food trucks then you know that the Wave 3 piece was quite ridiculous and misleading.  It was a good example of “creative journalism”, aka creating a story out of thin air.  Food trucks are becoming very popular in this city as well as other major cities, and I for one think that some of our best food in Louisville comes from a food truck.  I have read some good responses to these food safety allegations, but I feel like the truth was really nailed by Grind Gourmet Burger Truck owner, Liz Huot.  She simply takes the story apart piece by piece, addressing each manipulation of the facts, and unveiling the truth about the real food trucks in Louisville.

I say thank you to all the hardworking food truck owners that bust it every day to keep patrons happy and healthy.  I say thank you to Liz and Jesse for speaking out and showing people just how silly and sad this attempt to gain ratings really is.  I will keep truckin’, will you?

The well-written response from Grind can be found here.

The Wave 3 piece can be found here.


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