Great Flood Brewing is Opening in The Highlands

Whether you drink beer or not, you can’t help but notice the enthusiasm and excitement in this country surrounding the craft beer movement, which has emerged over the last couple of decades or so (see graphic below).  More often these days you hear words like hoppy and floral; you hear people describing beer in ways you may not understand.  Maybe you’re walking through the grocery store and you notice a single 22 oz. bottle of beer priced at $15!  Believe it or not, they sell a lot of those.  Beer enthusiasts are popping up everywhere looking for the next perfectly (or imperfectly) brewed craft beer to enlighten their palate.  Here in Louisville, it’s getting easier to find these craft beers.

Graphic Courtesy of The Brewers Association |
Graphic Courtesy of The Brewers Association |

Most everyone in Louisville knows the BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company) here because for a long time it was the only brew pub in the city.  What many people may not know is how many new breweries have entered the picture since then. Of course, we as Highlanders are familiar with Cumberland Brews on Bardstown Rd near Bonnycastle, but there are quite a few others in town now, and it’s about time for another one.  Enter Matt Fuller, Vince Cain, and Zach Barnes.  These three local guys are “business school graduates who brew”, according to Cain.  The friends and business partners have recently secured the space at 2120 Bardstown Rd between the Twig and Leaf Restaurant and North End Cafe, and are Great Flood Brewing Front renovating it in preparation for the grand opening of their new brewing venture, Great Flood Brewing.  Although the government shutdown caused a mild setback in licensing, they are still plugging away and they hope to be open by April 2014.

The guys want to brew up to 8 barrels or 16 half-barrels a week using the two-barrel brewing system that they are working to get setup.  Having a low brewing capacity will require them to brew more frequently, however this presents the opportunity for variety, which fits right in with their mission to have a craft beer available for each type of beer lover.  They Great Flood Brewing Interiorwant to have an intense, high-gravity IPA (right up my alley) that is “not for everyone”, according to Cain, but they also want to have the low key, session beers like a Kolsch and an Amber Ale.  They plan to continue experimenting with styles and changing recipes often, evolving their beers and trying new things.  Great Flood Brewing also promises a unique pricing plan for their home brews, offering 10-oz pours as well as pint-sized pours, and a different way to sample beers with smaller sampling flights available.  The plan is to have eight drafts available at all times in the taproom, which will be open Thursday though Sunday, leaving ample time early in the week for brewing.

I for one am extremely excited about this venture.  Great Flood Brewing has definitely gotten the attention of this beer enthusiast as well many other people in the Highlands and in Louisville as a whole.  We are eagerly awaiting your arrival!
Great Flood Brewing Check in on their progress here!

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