El Taco Luchador Opening Soon on Baxter Ave

photo by justin thomas

**NOW OPEN** View a follow-up piece here

As disappointing as it was when I found out that I would no longer be able to walk across the street and grab a delicious gourmet grilled cheese from Lil’ Cheezers, I can take comfort knowing that Lil’ Cheezers still operates his food truck, so his delectable sandwiches are not out of reach.  But, as for walking across the street?  There is a bright hope in the vast darkness.  Tacos will now be taking over the Cheezers’ former Highlands brick and mortar spot.  These aren’t just any tacos, though.

photo by justin thomas

Fernando and Christina Martinez cannot stop creating amazing restaurants.  You may have heard of them from their first venture, Havana Rumba.  No?  How about Mojito?  Burger and Mussel Bar?  If you haven’t heard of any of these places then you may have been hiding under a rock for a while.  That’s ok!  Fernando, Christina, and cousin Yaniel are bringing it to you fresh…again!  This time they are opening a small taqueria, El Taco Luchador, at 938 Baxter Ave in the Highlands.

El Taco Luchador’s target opening date is December 30, and knowing how this trio of restaurateurs does it, the place will turn to gold within a few hours.  This is definitely the smallest operation they have started.  They had already planned to open a higher end Latin fusion restaurant, The Place Downstairs, in the basement of the Mussel and Burger Bar, and with this third project sort of falling in their laps, they will definitely have a full plate over the next few months.  The Place Downstairs is supposed to open in February.

photo by justin thomas

El Taco Luchador will serve made-to-order tacos and tortas with a variety of different types of fries as well as Mexican corn.  It sounds like Fernando and Christina plan to get a beer license for the restaurant eventually, however it will be Pepsi products to start with.  Some of the items to look forward to:  Carnitas Tacos, Short Rib Tacos, Chicken Mole, Carne Asada, and fish tacos to name a few.  No matter what is on that menu though, I will eat it.  These guys have made so much amazing, delicious food in Louisville, and apparently they aren’t stopping anytime soon!


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