Mid City Mall Needs an Overhaul

Mid City Mall HighlandsMost can agree that Mid City Mall at 1250 Bardstown Rd in the Highlands needs a change.  Not a touch-up.  That’s been done.  Not lipstick.  That’s been done too.  I’m talking about a transformation, and a man named Steve Hickerson is trying harder than anyone else has to make  it happen.  The Louisville architect and Cherokee Triangle resident has actually been redesigning Mid City Mall in his spare time for the past year and a half, and it’s a true spectacle to see.  Of course, there are still big questions like, “Who will pay for this big of a renovation?”  Well, that’s a great question since the proposed reno would cost $70 million on the low end.  The current owner of the 10-acre property in the Highlands is Sandy Metts of Metts Company Realtors who has owned the property with other parties since 1992, but appears to have bought it outright four years ago.

I grew up in the blue house directly across the street from Mid City Mall.  Yep, it’s still there, and it’s still a residence. I lived there from ’89-ish to ’98 and unfortunately, not a lot has changed at Mid City Mall since then. Sure, shops have come and gone.  ValuMarket is 382 Trillion times better than Winn-Dixie was, and they added the Baxter Avenue movie theater while I was living across the street so that’s cool.  But let’s be honest…it looks like a bomb shelter from the Bardstown Rd side (the barret ave side is a little prettier to look at, but still needs some attention).  It’s OK, it was built in 1962 it’s just tired.  Remember, I grew up across the street from it.  I like Mid City Mall.  I still use Mid City Mall.  But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with the way it looks.  I like it because I have always thought that it could be SO MUCH MORE.

Steve Hickerson also thinks Mid City Mall could be so much more.  He believes it so much that he has devoted a serious amount of his own time to what seems like not only an amazing design, but a solution to a problem.  I hope that there are some investors out there who want to take on this project.  I know that I’m probably dreaming, but it would fill a big hole in our lovely neighborhood, and bring a positive change to the area!  You can see renderings of Steve’s design at InsiderLou

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