Chipotle Replacing Arby’s in the Highlands

chipotleIt took me a few weeks to even notice that the Arby’s located at 1075 Bardstown Rd had closed.  The other day when I was driving by I noticed that the building has been demolished, and there is a construction fence lining the perimeter.  On the fence is a Chipotle sign that says “coming soon”.  Ok!  I will always love Qdoba when it comes to the fast-fresh Mexican joints, but I can’t say that I won’t mix it up at the Chipotle every once in a while.  Not to mention that this is way better than another Arby’s or a Long John Silver or something like that.  Also, I am relieved to see that it’s not being turned into another hookah lounge or head shop.  I think we’re all set in that department.  Let’s be honest, that Arby’s building was a total beater.  Obviously there was no salvaging it.  I’m happy that the block is becoming cleaner with this new structure.  I have loved seeing this block update itself over the past 5 years, and it continues to improve.

20140118_120141-PANOI’m not sure what the timeline is for construction of the new 2,100 ish square foot building, but there should be some patio seating available at the new Highlands Chipotle location once it opens.  I will keep an eye out for progress on the construction site, but for now you can see that it’s pretty bare.  The building at the corner of Grinstead Dr and Bardstown Rd, which is next door to the new Highlands Chipotle, was recently renovated and fully leased within the past couple years, leaving only a couple buildings on the block that still need updating and TLC.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Chipotle!

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