Where’s the Beef: Louisville’s Premier Steaks

Not everyone eats steak, but those who do eat steak know precisely why this post is so important. For a couple of years during my long stint in the restaurant industry, I refused to order a steak when I was out for dinner. If I was going to eat a steak, I would grill it myself on my own grill. I’m not exactly sure what it was that made me that way. Perhaps I was just fed up with paying outrageous amounts of money for a steak that needed to be paired with a sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I love sauces. I love steaks with a glorious hollandaise, bernaise, bordelaise, or any other sort of aise sauce, but if I’m paying for awesome beef, and especially if it’s $40+, I want that steak to sizzle on its own. I eventually got over it and discovered that Louisville has some amazing steaks that are worth every penny of the price tag.

Pat’s Steakhouse | 2437 Brownsboro Rd | Clifton

Whether you live in Louisville or you’ve been to Louisville once for the Kentucky Derby, you may have heard of a little place called Pat’s Steakhouse on lower Brownsboro Rd. A Louisville steakhouse tradition since 1958, Pat’s atmosphere makes you feel like it might actually still be the year 1958. Regardless of what year it is, Pat’s makes a wicked steak. It is delicious and cooked to perfection every time, whether you order the 32 oz. Porterhouse T-bone, or the 18 oz. Special Filet Mignon. With multiple private rooms for any occasion, outdoor patio seating, a building steeped in history, and a menu that still includes salad and two sides with each entree, this place cannot be passed over.

Z’s Oyster Bar and Steakhouse | East End & Downtown

The only steak I have ever ordered at Z’s is the filet. I love a good ribeye and a good strip steak, and those are what I typically order at other restaurants; but not at Z’s. There is nothing wrong with ordering the ribeye or any other steak that Z’s Oyster Bar and Steakhouse has to offer, but their filet is hard to beat. Start off with some incredibly fresh oysters on the half shell and just work your way through this fabulous menu. Both the East End location on Hurstbourne Pkwy, and the Downtown location on 4th Street provide a consistent quality that keeps you coming back. I recommend eating at a booth in the bar.

Seviche, A Latin Restaurant | 1538 Bardstown Rd | Highlands

Seviche is not a steakhouse. It’s an incredible Latin restaurant that just so happens to have one of the best steaks I’ve ever had…and it’s a skirt steak. Huh? Yep, skirt steak. It’s called Churrascos de Argentina, and it is out of control. It’s that Latin flavor, and the Chimichurri. It’s a perfectly marinated piece of beef that will most often sit atop some fine mashed potatoes. Do yourself a favor; try one of the 300 different bottles of wine they offer, and start with a seviche tasting. You won’t want to leave.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse | 325 W Main St | Central Downtown

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in downtown Louisville has one of the greatest atmospheres of any restaurant in the history of restaurants. I am not lying, this place will fascinate you with its decor and charm. While you’re dining, you might actually forget that you are NOT part of the Rat Pack. But don’t worry. Even Humphrey Bogart never tasted the mouth-watering bone-in strip steak that Jeff Ruby’s makes. Or better yet, the bone-in “hatchet”, which is their signature ribeye. Go ahead and order a side of Jeff’s 6-cheese mac with your steak, and start off with some sushi. This will be one of your best dining experiences ever.

Rivue | 140 N 4th St | Central Downtown

Sitting twenty-five stories high in the Galt House Hotel above downtown Louisville and the Ohio River, Rivue not only provides a delicious steak for you to eat, but a tastefully decorated (and a little blingy) rotating restaurant for you to eat it in. The views of Louisville and the river are unrivaled, the bread they offer you at the beginning of your meal is a party on a platter, and when you take the first bite of your New York Strip or the bone-in filet, you’ll forget how much the way they spell the name of the restaurant annoys you. Rivue is excellent dining.

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