Tacos Pescados Muy Bueno

You didn’t even know it, but I have some knowledge of the Spanish language. What I am more familiar with, however, is delicious fish tacos. I haven’t always been a huge fan of fish tacos, but I am now, and I could possibly eat them twice a day. There are several different ways in which one can manufacture a delightful fish taco. Some will batter the fish, some will grill it, but I feel like the most important pieces to any fish taco is the sauce and other accoutrements (that last word is not Spanish).


ElMundoPretty much any white, flaky fish can be used to make an awesome fish taco, but I have to admit that I would prefer Cod or Mahi Mahi over Tilapia. El Mundo on Frankfort Ave uses Cod for their fish tacos, and if you want my opinion, they make the best grilled fish taco in Louisville. Start with a perfectly steamed soft corn tortilla, and load it with a jumbo piece of grilled Cod, top it with field greens, and finish it with their homemade chipotle aioli. There is usually some sort of tropical fruit concoction, beans, and rice, and I like to add it all to the tacos! The seasoning on the fish works really well with everything.


ElCaminoIf you want to go in the direction of a battered fish taco, you will most likely still encounter the steamed soft corn tortilla, but the dressings will be a bit different. This is the Cali way, and I can’t think of a better place to make a legit “Baja” fish taco than El Camino on Bardstown Rd. Battered and fried Cod with a fresh and crunchy cabbage slaw is finished with sour cream and house made arbol sauce. It’s my favorite battered fish taco in Louisville because the fish is crispy and fresh out of the fryer, and it doesn’t get soggy. This place, with its Southern California Mexican street food concept, is a beacon of quality and has a strong atmosphere to go with it.


TacoLuchador3A slightly different variation of the “Baja” fish taco involves pickled cabbage and chipotle aioli, and you can find it at El Taco Luchador on Baxter Ave. I also like to add some of their jalapeno sauce right on the top. The flavors are extremely delicious and everything is fresh!

No, these are not the only places in town to get a fish taco, but they are my favorites. Try them all!

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