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Don’t you just love getting that little card in the mail that tells you where to vote? It usually arrives at least a year before you actually need to know where to vote, giving you plenty of time to lose it. How about yard waste pickup and junk collection days? You can try to keep that little card on the fridge all year, but you know it won’t last longer than 2 weeks. If you lose a lot of stuff like me don’t worry, you can find all this information, and SO MUCH MORE on the Map It! Louisville website.

http://mapit.louisvilleky.gov/ is where you go if need information

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

regarding just about anything in the city of Louisville. All you do is type in an address and you can find out all sorts of info about that location. Under the “location information” tab you will learn about things such as: trash day, recycling day, yard waste and junk collection days, police and fire districts, who your politicians are, where you vote, and even past census data.

You can also click on the “find service locations” tab and you will be able to add overlays to the map that show you where bike lanes are,

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

off-road mountain bike trails, snow emergency routes, golf courses, parks, animal clinics, libraries, health clinics, post offices, judicial centers, schools, hospitals, driver license centers, vehicle registration, recycling centers, school district overlays, zip code overlays, and even the location of each one of Louisville’s emergency warning sirens.

If you find yourself forgetting and / or losing a lot of information about your home, your neighborhood, and the city of Louisville, go to the Map It! Louisville website and find out everything you ever wanted to know!

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