Reinventing the Halo: Saints Pub is Smokin’

When it comes to the Louisville restaurant scene, ideas and flavors are constantly changing. As a restaurant owner you have to at least attempt to offer some variety to your clientele or you may lose them. It goes without saying that there are certain dishes on every menu that people love and they can never be replaced without starting a riot, but most restaurant owners in Louisville know that there needs to be some rotation in order to offer fresh ideas and gain new patronage. A quasi-recent switcharoo and addition to the ownership / management team at Saints Pizza and Pub in St Matthews has proven to be a winning idea for owner Cliff Amos.

Smokey Delightfulness 

SaintsWindowIf you know Saints then you most likely know their pizza. They make a delicious pie and probably my favorite cheese sticks (cheese bread) in the world. Don’t worry, Saints continues to bake and sell their pizzas and italian fare, however General Manager Bruce Jarrett decided to bring some Chicago to the menu with his Italian Beef Sandwich. Tender and juicy shaved beef on a soft baked roll with a side of homemade sweet and spicy pepper relish cannot go overlooked. Bruce also has the Saints kitchen utilizing smokers these days, bringing delightfully smoked brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken sandwiches to the menu. This makes Saints a great spot for lunch too! Their chicken wings are also dry rubbed and smoked now, and they never actually land in a frier. The house made dry rub encompasses a perfect balance of that smokey-sweet spice that you long for in your smoked treats. As a Highlander, you may know Bruce from his long career with O’Shea’s, Flanagan’s, and Brendan’s. It seems like joining Cliff and the Saints crew has worked out well for all involved!

Sweet Patio

SaintsPatioThe patio at Saints is huge and inviting. There are a few TVs and enough tables to host your family reunion there. Recently the patio at Saints has become more of a priority, coming together nicely with live music and the new patio bar room. Directly off the patio is a nice little room that I think used to be used for storage. Now, this room is a full service bar and a great place to host an event. You can still reserve the upstairs Sky Bar at Saints for large gatherings, but it’s nice to have a smaller resource for business meetings and birthdays alike. Call 502.891.8883 to reserve space for your next gathering, large or small.

Still Saints

SaintsWoodfordBy the way, this place is still Saints. The same Saints that has been in business in the heart of St Matthews for years is still a cool place to go. It has been a cool place to go for a long time. The staff is solid and the environment is fantastic. I think they just needed a little freshening up, and some reinventing, which didn’t take long. Has it been a while since your last visit to Saints Pizza and Pub in St Matthews? You should go for lunch. 131 Breckenridge Ln. Grab a Bells Two Hearted Ale from Cruz behind the bar and ask him what the specials are. Once you have a delicious lunch at Saints, you will throw it right into your normal rotation, and before you know it, you’ll have a halo over your head.

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