More Pizza in the Highlands? Mellow Mushroom Says Yes

MellowMushroomThere is one thing that no one on earth will ever be able to say about the Highlands, and that’s, “yeah, man I love the Highlands, but there just aren’t enough places to get pizza there.” It’s true that we have more pizza per square block in the Highlands than any other area of Louisville. So now that the old Miracle dry cleaners building at 1023 Bardstown Rd has been torn down and is a blank canvas for something new, what do think is going to move in? That’s right… pizza. Mellow Mushroom Pizza, to be exact.

No action has begun as of yet at the site of the new Highlands Mellow Mushroom, but apparently, since the dry cleaning business was on location for so long, there are some additional environmental plans that have to be worked out. Word on the street is that the Atlanta, GA based pizza bakers will be building a two-story restaurant with over 5,000 sq ft and a second floor patio. Local developer and the owner of the Butchertown Market, Andy Blieden, will be heading up the $1.2 million project.

MellowMushroom2Mellow Mushroom Pizza in the Highlands will be the third Mellow Mushroom store in the Louisville area. The first two were opened in St Matthews and Middletown. The theme and overall atmosphere of Mellow Mushroom will actually fit quite well with the way of the Highlands, even if it is a national pizza restaurant moving into the pizza capital of Louisville. One thing’s for certain: No one will miss the eyesore that used to occupy that spot. As for the ‘shroom, I say to them “welcome to one of the most mellow neighborhoods in country!”

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