Choosing a Louisville Home Inspector

It’s without a doubt one of the single most important pieces in the home buying process, and something that typically makes both buyers and sellers a little bit nervous. The home inspection period exists in a real estate transaction for the protection of all interested parties. After all, you probably wouldn’t buy a home after learning that it needs $20,000 worth of repairs, but you’d be happy to spend $450 in order to save you from making that mistake. There are a lot of home inspectors out there, but trust me when I say that they are not all created equally. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a Louisville home inspector for your real estate purchase.


You can see through walls like Superman now with a device that’s about the size of an iPad. Technology has made it possible to inspect items that were previously unable to be inspected. Smart phones have given us all the ability to take quality high resolution photos and videos, yet there are still home inspectors out there that fail to present good visual evidence of defects. Your Realtor needs proof in order to present a case for repair on your behalf. Make sure your Louisville home inspector uses the proper tools.

Teacher or Talker?

The home inspector’s first job is to educate the home buyer. There are some inspectors out there that talk and talk and talk, but never actually say anything. All they tell you is enough to scare the crap out of you so that you may never buy a house. That’s a waste of money. Why pay someone to terrify you and leave you in the dark? Instead, you want someone to explain the issues and offer solutions. I said solutions, not prices. Beware of the inspector that quotes prices. I know that a lot of home buyers want their inspector to tell them how much it would cost to fix items, but if you want prices, you need to get a quote from a company that does the type of work you need done. You’re never going to get a perfect inspection report. Whether the house is five years old or fifty years old there will be a list of at least ten negative items on your home inspection report. Certain items need to be monitored while others demand immediate attention. Make sure your Louisville home inspector can teach you the difference.


You know people who have bought a house recently: friends, family members. Ask them who they used and how their experience was. Ask multiple people. And don’t be fooled into thinking that Realtors recommend bad inspectors just so they can close a sale. If I went around recommending bad inspectors to people, I wouldn’t have any clients left. The majority of my business comes from referrals. So ask your Realtor who they trust and why they trust them.

A home is most likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime, and you need people on your side that you can trust. If you have questions about the home buying process, or you don’t know where to begin, I would love to speak with you and find out if we can work together. 502-509-9278 |

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