Upgrading the Avenue: Crescent Hill Craft House

Crescent Hill Craft House, the latest upgrade happening on Frankfort Avenue, is set to open on Monday, August 25th, and I’m pretty excited. Walking by the former Dark Star Tavern location at 2634 Frankfort Ave this morning, I was able to get a peek inside at the fantastic renovation, and even scope out the menu for this new Louisville restaurant. What I found was nothing short of radical, so I figured I would let you know some specifics in case you want to share in my excitement. Continue reading “Upgrading the Avenue: Crescent Hill Craft House”

Germantown Homes Fly Off the Shelf

If you’re a homeowner in the Highlands then you’re most likely aware that Highlands homes are hot items and, when priced correctly, should never sit on the market for longer than a week or two. Are you also aware that Germantown homes have the same capability? Within close proximity to the Highlands and the University of Louisville, Germantown has a convenient location at a much more reasonable price than the surrounding areas. Germantown has come a long way in the last ten years, but the biggest difference has been realized in the last two years, and it’s obvious when you see how quickly the homes are selling. Continue reading “Germantown Homes Fly Off the Shelf”

Lunch-Lovers Love Louisville Lunches

In Philadelphia there’s a restaurant that sells a $100 cheesesteak. Most of us probably wouldn’t spend that much money on a sandwich, but they apparently sell quite a few of them. A more traditional lunch might cost something more like ten to fifteen dollars instead. Sometimes you need to be quick, other times you can relax and enjoy your lunch. The Louisville lunch scene has something to offer for every style of lunch. Continue reading “Lunch-Lovers Love Louisville Lunches”

5 More Louisville Pizzas That Rock

The best Louisville pizza joints are not hard to find. The Highlands is definitely the pizza capital of Louisville with more than twelve different pizza restaurants concentrated in a three mile stretch of Bardstown Rd. Most of them have something delicious to offer, but lets not forget that there are other great pizza places in other Louisville neighborhoods. In my first post about Louisville’s best pizza, I mentioned a wide variety of pizza bakers, and that is exactly what I will do here. Here are five more of my favorites: Continue reading “5 More Louisville Pizzas That Rock”