5 More Louisville Pizzas That Rock

The best Louisville pizza joints are not hard to find. The Highlands is definitely the pizza capital of Louisville with more than twelve different pizza restaurants concentrated in a three mile stretch of Bardstown Rd. Most of them have something delicious to offer, but lets not forget that there are other great pizza places in other Louisville neighborhoods. In my first post about Louisville’s best pizza, I mentioned a wide variety of pizza bakers, and that is exactly what I will do here. Here are five more of my favorites:

Diorio’s | Highlands, St Matthews

DioriosHighlandsFairly new to the Louisville pizza scene, Diorio’s has shown that they plan on sticking around for a while. Fine by me! This pizza is another delicious example of fresh dough and sauce being made daily. The Highlands location is a great place to watch a game or host an event. Diorio’s menu is also where you can find one of Louisville’s best appetizers, D’s Fried Balls. If you feel a case of the crazies coming on, try to take down the “Massive Gibbon”, their signature 30-inch pizza that weighs about 15 pounds!

Luigi’s Pizzeria and Pasta | Central Downtown

New York Style pizza, thin and floppy, and absolutely delicious! Authentic flavors, fresh ingredients, huge slices, and the pastas are supreme! Luigi’s homemade marinara is one of the finest you will find, made from the highest quality ingredients. Luigi’s Pizzeria is open until 5:00 pm during the week and 3:00 pm on Saturdays. If you haven’t had the privilege of eating at Luigi’s, now would be a good time.

Saints Pizza and Pub | St Matthews

SaintsAwningSaints has been around for a while, but they recently made a few changes that bumped up their stock in my opinion. Most notably, they have added smoked delights to the menu. However, there were a few changes to the pizza recipe that have made an already delicious pie even better! Again, it’s hard to argue with fresh dough and sauce combined with top quality ingredients. For lunch or for dinner, Saints makes one of Louisville’s best pizzas!

Bearno’s | Multiple Locations

Bearno’s Pizza has been a Louisville pizza staple since 1977. The toppings are piled high on their homemade thin crust, and the flavor speaks for itself. The most popular pizza at Bearno’s is the “Mama Bearno’s” supreme pizza, loaded with everything you love. No matter which pizza you order, invite your friends…you will need help eating everything. With multiple Louisville locations, it’s not hard to find a location near you. Try this Louisville pizza today!

Impellizerri’s Pizza | Multiple Locations

impellizzerisAnother original Louisville pizza shop is Impellizerri’s. The original was located on Bardstown Rd near the Highlands Kroger. Since the late 70s, Benny Impellizerri has been making Sicilian style pizzas for the Louisville pizza lover. The herbed crust goes great with their homemade marinara, and their beer list will suit just about any beer enthusiast. If you have time, try the deep dish pizza, it’s my favorite!

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