Lunch-Lovers Love Louisville Lunches

In Philadelphia there’s a restaurant that sells a $100 cheesesteak. Most of us probably wouldn’t spend that much money on a sandwich, but they apparently sell quite a few of them. A more traditional lunch might cost something more like ten to fifteen dollars instead. Sometimes you need to be quick, other times you can relax and enjoy your lunch. The Louisville lunch scene has something to offer for every style of lunch.

Meridian Cafe | St Matthews

More accurately described as a breakfast/brunch/lunch spot, the MeridianSideFullMeridian Cafe in St Matthews serves up some of the finest morning/afternoon food in Louisville. Their menu features local and regional ingredients at every turn, creative combinations, and classics with a twist. Plus, the specials board will always have something delightful on it (look for anything with smoked salmon). The Meridian Cafe has incredible outdoor seating, but get there early because it fills up quickly!

Shiraz Mediterranean Grill | Multiple Locations

ShirazMenuThis fast fresh Mediterranean restaurant is amazing. Shiraz serves all of your favorite mediterranean specialties. Kabobs, paninis and wraps in homemade lavash bread are just a few of the great items you can get at Shiraz.  The grilled chicken panini on homemade lavash is my favorite, with tabbouleh, quinoa, pepper jack, chicken, avocado, and homemade tzatziki sauce. This is a quick, delicious Louisville lunch!

Check’s Cafe | Germantown

A classic lunch joint/pub, Check’s Cafe has some great fried pub grub, delicious sandwiches, oysters, chili dogs or get a plate with meat and 2 sides. This is a friendly neighborhood place to go. You can usually get in and out fairly quickly if need be, or relax and have a cold beer with your lunch. The prices are some of the cheapest in town, but the quality of food and service do not suffer.

Diamond Pub and Billiards | St Matthews, Highlands DiamondsDeck

You may only think of Diamond Pub and Billiards as a place for listening to live music, playing pool, and watching the game, but that’s not all they do. Their food menu needs to keep up with the live music-listening, pool-playing, game-watching crowd that packs Diamond Pub all week long, so the food is strong. At lunch you can get in and out with plenty of time to get back to work. My favorite? The Bank Shot – Their signature French dip sandwich. Wow.

Chop Shop | St Matthews, Downtown

ChopShopNot only is the Chop Shop a quick, delicious lunch option in Louisville, it’s also a healthy option. Chop Shop is known for their salads and wraps. All the ingredients are chopped up right in front of you and placed in a bowl or on a wheat wrap, then tossed with homemade dressings and finishes. This is also where you will find one of the best sandwiches in Louisville, The Handsome Rob.


Buck’s Restaurant | Old Louisville

Buck’s restaurant in Old Louisville is a fabulous restaurant for lunch AND dinner, but a great place to go for lunch when you want a more upscale experience with a client. Although a bit more pricey than the norm ($13-$18 per person), it still won’t break the bank and the food is worth every penny. The atmosphere and the service matches their delicious food perfectly. Buck’s definitely serves one of the best lunches in Louisville.

Saints Pizza and Pub | St Matthews SaintsPatioBar2

If you’ve read anything of mine in the last 3 months then you know that my new found love for Saints lunch is not a secret. It’s hard to beat their smoked wings, smoked brisket sandwich, smoked chicken sandwich, or even one of Saints delicious pizzas, but since the introduction of the “Halo” sauce, I have had one sandwich on my mind: a buttered brioche bun piled high with smoked chicken tossed in Halo sauce, and topped with pepper jack cheese and crispy onion straws. Winner!

This list is only the beginning of the fantastic lunches that Louisville restaurants serve. My suggestion is that you try them all!

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