Bourbon Rules

In the state of Kentucky there are 5 Million barrels of bourbon aging at this very moment. The population of Kentucky is around 4.5 Million people. Do you get your own personal barrel of bourbon when you’re born in Kentucky? No. But knowing that there are more aging bourbon barrels than residents in the state, one could assume that we Kentuckians might know a few things about the “brown water”. What is bourbon? Well, in Kentucky, Bourbon rules. So let’s take a look at the “rules” of bourbon-making.  Continue reading “Bourbon Rules”

Louisville Renters Become Louisville Homeowners

In doing my job as a Realtor,  I have realized that there are major differences in (1) the types of home buyers out there, and (2) their motivating factors behind wanting to become a homeowner. Por ejemplo (that’s Spanish), right now there are at least 20 different people renting in my neighborhood who could probably qualify for and afford to buy their own home. The differences: some people want to buy a home but they know (or think) they can’t. Some people don’t want to buy a home, and don’t care whether or not they can qualify. And the rest of the potential home buyers out there simply haven’t thought to look into it. No matter which camp you belong to, my advice is this… don’t take advice from people who aren’t qualified to give the type of advice you are seeking. What I mean is, you might have heard someone tell a horror story about buying a home that they heard from someone else. Or maybe you read something in USA Today that made it seem like someone like you could never qualify to buy a home. Instead of accepting defeat, see for yourself! The only way you will ever know is by taking the proper steps to find out. Even if you find out that you can’t buy a house yet, you will at least know what it takes to get there. Continue reading “Louisville Renters Become Louisville Homeowners”

Tyler Park Jazz Festival Sundays

With the Willow Park Sumer Concert Series wrapping up last week, I was happy when I stumbled upon a great, Highlands family event to take its place for the rest of September! The Tyler Park Jazz Festival is happening at Tyler Park every Sunday evening during the month of September between 4 pm and 6 pm, and it’s FREE. Continue reading “Tyler Park Jazz Festival Sundays”