Pew People Offer Serious Style for Your Wedding

Planning a dream wedding takes a great vision. With helpful online tools, like Pinterest, it’s easier now for couples to cycle through thousands of other couples’ visions, and pick one that fits the look they are trying to achieve. John Paul and Ashleigh McLean had a vision for their wedding that embodied their love for all things vintage and the beauty of the Kentucky countryside. Part of that dream included renting vintage church pews in an outdoor setting. I know, what a great idea, right? They figured there had to be a pew rental company out there that could help, but instead they found that no such company exists. Determined to make this dream wedding a reality, Ashleigh and JP began searching for old pews that they could purchase instead. After plenty of hard work and persistence, and a thousand miles on the road, they returned home to the Highlands from North Carolina with a set of pews that would make their wedding look and feel exactly how they had planned. Nowadays, Ashleigh and JP are “Pew People”, helping other couples realize their dream wedding by offering a variety of pews to rent for upcoming nuptials. Continue reading “Pew People Offer Serious Style for Your Wedding”

Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy

Have you eaten a truck recently? In Louisville, trucks taste great! There’s no doubt that the food truck frenzy is sweeping the nation, bringing some of the best grub in the world to parking lots and street corners near you. Louisville’s food truck scene is nothing short of freakin’ phenomenal! Here are some of my favorite mobile kitchens in Louisville: Continue reading “Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy”

Rumplings: Authentic Ramen and Homemade Dumplings

As I reported last week, Louisville is getting its first authentic noodle shop, which is moving into the spot on Highland Ave formerly known as Baby D’s Bagel and Deli. What I couldn’t tell you last week is that the new owners are Griffin Paulin and Dustin Staggers. Yes, these are the same guys that just opened Roux, a New Orleans-themed restaurant,¬†which took the place of La Gallo Rosso next to the Highlands Bristol. They’re busy, and that’s good for people like you and me. These guys are extremely talented and they crank out amazing food, so I will take any opportunity I have to support a new venture from them. Not to mention that the Louisville restaurant scene needs some homemade noodles and dumplings. Continue reading “Rumplings: Authentic Ramen and Homemade Dumplings”

Belknap Fall Festival Begins Friday

The Belknap Fall Festival ushers in a new season. It brings us Highlanders together for a sort of “goodbye” to the warm weather, and a “hello” to the amazing fall colors. This year marks the 20th annual Belknap Fall Festival, which takes place on Friday, October 10th from 6 pm – 11 pm, and Saturday, October 11th from 11 am – 11 pm. It’s actually a fundraiser for the Belknap neighborhood, and requires quite a few community volunteers from around the area in order to make it happen. Proceeds go to support beautification projects, cleanup, and other community projects. Here’s what you can expect: Continue reading “Belknap Fall Festival Begins Friday”

Bardstown Bound – 11th Annual Boo Fest

October is full of awesome in Louisville, and especially in the Highlands. Not only do we get to see the amazing fall colors, but there are more festivals and events than you can count! A Highlands favorite for eleven years and counting now is the Bardstown Bound “Boo Fest”. This year Boo Fest takes place on Saturday, October 25th. Continue reading “Bardstown Bound – 11th Annual Boo Fest”

"Fresh ramen noodle 001" by Kropsoq - photo taken by Kropsoq. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Noodles and Dumplings Coming to the Highlands

Main Photo:¬†“Fresh ramen noodle 001” by Kropsoq – photo taken by Kropsoq. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

You may have noticed that Baby D’s Bagel and Deli on Highland Ave at Baxter has closed its doors. Sadly, there will be no more steamed bagel sandwiches. One could sit and sulk about the departure of our short-lived, yet delicious steamed bagel shop mirrored after a late-night eatery at my alma mater, Miami of Ohio. But if you’re like me, instead of sulking you just want to know what’s going to take its place. Well you may not have to wait too long. A little birdie told me that the lease has already been signed to take over the spot at 2009 Highland Ave, and it’s going to be awesome! Continue reading “Noodles and Dumplings Coming to the Highlands”

Roux Louisville Brings New Orleans to the Highlands

Entry3The recent departure of La Gallo Rosso left a hole in the Highlands. The location is an absolute hot spot, and it’s obvious because, well…it didn’t stay vacant for long. Dustin Staggers and his brother Kyle are opening a New Orleans-themed restaurant called Roux at 1325 Bardstown Rd in the Highlands on Friday, October 3, 2014. After hearing reviews from a few attendees at their soft opening Monday and Tuesday, I have no doubt that this will become a Louisville favorite instantly! Continue reading “Roux Louisville Brings New Orleans to the Highlands”