Rumplings: Authentic Ramen and Homemade Dumplings

As I reported last week, Louisville is getting its first authentic noodle shop, which is moving into the spot on Highland Ave formerly known as Baby D’s Bagel and Deli. What I couldn’t tell you last week is that the new owners are Griffin Paulin and Dustin Staggers. Yes, these are the same guys that just opened Roux, a New Orleans-themed restaurant, which took the place of La Gallo Rosso next to the Highlands Bristol. They’re busy, and that’s good for people like you and me. These guys are extremely talented and they crank out amazing food, so I will take any opportunity I have to support a new venture from them. Not to mention that the Louisville restaurant scene needs some homemade noodles and dumplings.

So, what’s the time frame? Well, it will actually open fairly quickly, as they are targeting the last weekend in October or the first weekend in November for a grand opening. Rumplings came about a bit sooner than they had planned, but the space at 2009 Highland Ave presented itself, and Griffin and Dustin could not pass it up. It’s a small shop, which seems like the perfect size for authentic ramen and homemade dumplings in the Highlands.

What’s on the menu? Authentic ramen includes homemade wheat noodles, broth, different proteins, veggies, and any combination thereof. There are some standards when it comes to ramen like salt, pork, miso, and soy; and you can expect to see some of these on the Rumplings menu. However, these guys know what they’re doing. Creativity is part of the deal, so expect some really cool dishes with a lot of local flare.

“We are attempting to bring Kentucky to Ramen, and Ramen to Kentucky, while keeping it authentic,” according toRumplings co-owner Griffin Paulin. Griffin and his recently hired executive chef, Chip Hartley, were ironing out the details of the menu when I spoke with them. They were toying with some noodle dishes like the quadruple duck (egg, broth, leg, and fat).

“The beauty of ramen is in the interpretation of the process,” said Paulin, “We just drenched these noodles in Louisville, and they came out like champions.”

The menu will remain relatively small and change frequently. Homemade noodles, homemade dumplings, homemade broth, all local produce, indigenous ingredients, and the list goes on. Head over to the Rumplings Facebook page for more updates. One thing is for certain: Louisville needs ramen, and I can’t wait to slurp up the awesome that’s on its way to the Highlands restaurant scene.

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One thought on “Rumplings: Authentic Ramen and Homemade Dumplings

  1. Since Asiatique, which is in the Highland area, launched its small plates menu on July 4th, we offer pork and seafood ramen along with pork gyoza and shrimp+chive dumpling. All the stocks and dumplings are made in house along with all other sauces for the rest of the menu.



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