Cafe Lou Lou and Oak Street Po’ Boy Festival

cafe-lou-lou-cheeseburger-po-boy-300x200The Oak Street Po’ Boy Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana is in its 8th year. One of our favorite local restaurants, Cafe Lou Lou, with two Louisville locations, is once again throwing their own Po’ Boy party all weekend long as a tribute! A recent menu change at this Louisville restaurant brought one of these creatively delicious, historic New Orleans sandwiches to a permanent spot on Cafe Lou Lou’s menu with the addition of the cheeseburger po’ boy. To celebrate the Oak Street Po’ Boy Festival, they will add a number of special po’ boys to the menu for the weekend of November 21 – 23. Continue reading “Cafe Lou Lou and Oak Street Po’ Boy Festival”

Louisville Restaurants Changing Menus

Variety is a good thing. As I have said before, variety in a restaurant is absolutely necessary to keep your patrons interested and happy. Of course, there’s a fine line that Louisville chefs and restaurant owners walk when they decide to revamp a menu. You have to mix it up, but you don’t want to cause any riots by removing everyone’s favorite menu item. It’s not an easy task. As a chef and restaurant owner you have to act in the best interest of the business, and that often times means that a few people will get ticked off so that the rest of the world will be happy. These decisions are based on consumer feedback as well as statistics and sales data. Following suit nicely in line with the seasonal change, here are a few Louisville restaurants that have recently changed their menus. Continue reading “Louisville Restaurants Changing Menus”

Selling the Lustron Dream | 2827 Eleanor Ave

Not a lot of people know what I’m talking about when I say “Lustron”. Is it a spaceship? No. Is it a small town on the moon? Try again. The Lustron is a pre-fabricated home that came about in 1948 due to the the post-World War II housing crisis. With waves of military personnel returning to a civilian life at a time when the U.S. housing market was on life support from the depression, there was a serious need for a speedy build. The answer, according to Lustron founder and inventor, Carl Strandlund, was a pre-fabricated home that was built out of steel in a Columbus, Ohio factory, shipped to the build site, and assembled there. With only fourteen or so of these beauties still standing in Louisville, and around fifteen hundred total remaining in the US, a chance to own a piece of history like this doesn’t present itself very often. Continue reading “Selling the Lustron Dream | 2827 Eleanor Ave”

Rumplings Slurp Shop: Tragedy, Love, and Lots of Experience

10012688_588306437958165_321149970781069771_oWhat does an almost fatal accidental shooting, a group hug, a helping hand, a few different kitchen jobs, and a zen-like noodle-sharing experience all have in common? Holy crap, I have no idea. What I do know is that these, among other amazing stories, came out in a recent sit-down conversation I had with the three very passionate chefs behind the brand new Ramen restaurant, Rumplings Slurp Shop, which is set to open in the Highlands this week.

Griffin Paulin, co-owner of Rumplings Slurp Shop at 2009 Highland Ave, describes his relationship with executive chef Chip Hartley, and “dough ho” / sous chef Ethan Ray, as “a total contradiction…but, my life is a total contradiction,” Paulin said, “and this restaurant will be nothing if it’s not me.” Continue reading “Rumplings Slurp Shop: Tragedy, Love, and Lots of Experience”