How Many Tables? That Would Be 10 Tables

Ten TablesWith somewhere around ten new independent Louisville restaurants opening in the last 6-12 months, our “foodie” (I hate that word) scene is expanding at an incredible rate. Some questions have been posed as to whether or not these chefs and restauranteurs will have equal shares in this market, or if some of these places might flicker out. I can confidently say that after personally eating at seven of these ten restaurants, I just don’t see any of them getting taken out by another. The list of new Louisville restaurants is diverse, and the competition, in my eyes, is not really competition at all. If you produce a great product, you will have repeat customers and market share no matter how many restaurants there are. Three of these new chef-owners want to prove it to you by creating a dining club in which they invade each other’s kitchens and collaborate on a special menu.

Dustin Staggers of Roux, Griffin Paulin of Rumplings Slurp Shop, and Eric Morris of Loop 22 have created “Ten Tables”, a dining club where the participants are selected at random to enjoy a 6-course meal created and executed by the three chefs. Not only is this a genius marketing plan for three young restaurant owners to show how well they can cook “off the menu”, but it’s a great way to expand their existing market presence, and show people that there is a community of like-minded chefs that can come together in unity even though they cook completely different styles of food at their own restaurants.

“I think all the new restaurants are good for each other. I wish others would stop searching around in a fit of paranoia for their competition (proximity, cuisine, etc.). Who cares? Let’s all cook good food and get people out of their olive garden bubble. No offense to the olive garden,” said Griffin Paulin in a recent Facebook post. Griffin’s fresh attitude of creating delicious meals with “no compromise cooking” is just plain awesome. It’s very evident in the way all three of these guys cook that they are concerned only with creating and cooking deliciousness, not keeping up with so and so, or maintaining a certain persona. Believe it or not, there are quite a few of these chefs in Louisville, and I look forward to others that may be involved in what Ten Tables is inevitably going to achieve.

Currently the first special dinner for Ten Tables will occur on Monday, January 19th at 7:00 pm. The diners have already been selected for this dinner, however the response was so overwhelming that they have decided to host another on the following Monday, January 26th. There might still be time to secure a spot for this one, but remember, the diners are selected at random, so you’re not guaranteed a spot. Visit the Ten Tables Facebook page for more information and a chance to sign up for what will certainly be one of many delicious evenings!

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