Grind Burger Kitchen Success Leaves No Room For Truck

One of the best burgers in Louisville is movin’ on up! If you’re not familiar with Jesse and Liz Huot, then now might be your time to eat one of their fabulous Louisville burgers. They started their operation as the Grind Gourmet Burger Truck back in 2012. The food truck would camp out at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market, and other special events around Louisville serving amazing burgers. The Grind team partners with local and regional farms to bring the highest quality burger to the streets.

In June of 2014 they opened their first brick and mortar restaurant, Grind Burger Kitchen, at 3311 Preston Highway near Audubon Park. Apparently, that was a good move because they’re very busy at the new location. So busy, in fact, that they are selling their truck and discontinuing the street food. According to a recent Facebook post they just don’t have the time to coordinate truck locations and plan events anymore.

“While we know some of you will be disappointed, we wanted you to hear it here first that we are selling the food truck. The success of the restaurant has really taken a lot of focus off of event planning and coordinating truck services to the point that it’s hindering business in the place where our hearts really are – the restaurant. With that being said, we will have the truck/trailer for sale in the next couple weeks. It obviously passes all inspections and is capable of making delicious food. If you’re interested in discussing pricing or scheduling a time to check it out for yourself feel free to shoot us a message here or to email us at”

OK, so you won’t be able to enjoy a mouthwatering B&B while you’re out at the Farmer’s Market anymore. Not a big deal because it’s easier to go enjoy a beautiful burger at their restaurant. No longer will you have to track down the truck. No longer will you hope that they are out driving around Louisville serving burgers on the street today. Wednesday and Thursday they are open 11am-3pm and 5pm-10pm. Friday and Saturday they are open 11am-10pm. There is also talk of possibly opening on Tuesdays as well! Now you know where they are every week!

Congratulations, Liz and Jesse! We are glad that your restaurant success has forced you to make this decision. Keep cranking out the awesome, and we’ll see you next week.

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