Hillbilly Tea Shack Baxter Ave: Perfect Highlands Addition

HillbillyTeaIf you’re unfamiliar with Hillbilly Tea, a hit Louisville eatery downtown on 1st St with one of the most interesting concepts in the city, then you may not have noticed their most recent spot, which landed in the Highlands back in the fall. There has been a lot of talk recently about Portland and all the great things that are supposed to be happening in the West Louisville neighborhood, including a Hillbilly Tea location, but few people have mentioned Hillbilly Tea Shack on Baxter Ave, the recent addition to the Highlands in one of the most awkward and overlooked locations in the neighborhood. Continue reading “Hillbilly Tea Shack Baxter Ave: Perfect Highlands Addition”

Flanagan’s Ale House Beer Cheese Philly Steak: Your New Favorite Louisville Sandwich

About a year ago I published a list of my favorite Louisville sandwiches. Since then, two of those sandwiches have been pulled off the menu, one restaurant closed, and I have been disappointed a couple of times by my former Philly Cheesesteak pick. In my quest to replace some of these delightful treats I found a new cheesesteak. It’s not really new at all, but it was something I never tried from a location that was already familiar to me. Since one of my favorite sandwiches, the chicken cordon bleu, already comes from Flanagan’s Ale House on Baxter Ave, it has been hard for me to try something new there. A couple of months ago I pulled the trigger on their Beer Cheese Philly Steak, and I won’t be turning back. Continue reading “Flanagan’s Ale House Beer Cheese Philly Steak: Your New Favorite Louisville Sandwich”

Tailspin Ale Fest 2015

Cold beer? In an airplane hangar? On a cold winter day? Three times yes! By the way, the hangar is heated. Beer enthusiasts know that a little snow and some record breaking temperatures won’t keep them from tasting some of the country’s best beers from some of the country’s best breweries. Last year more than 2,500 people enjoyed fellowship and flavor at the inaugural Louisville event celebrating craft beer: Tailspin Ale Fest. This year they have decided to spread the festival over a two-day period. Friday, February 20th and Saturday February 21st will mark the second annual Tailspin Ale Fest hosted in Louisville Executive Aviation Hangar at Bowman Field. Continue reading “Tailspin Ale Fest 2015”

502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502

taste of 502It’s for good reasons that Louisville’s food scene is becoming well-known and being praised across the country. Creative concepts and unparalleled menus are being born at a steady rate, and the chef community in Louisville is working overtime. One of the best winter events in Louisville is upon us, and it highlights Louisville chefs and restaurants, and their vision for the Louisville food scene. It also means that Spring is right around the corner! Continue reading “502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502”