2015 St Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands

If you ask Highlands residents what their favorite thing about the neighborhood is, you will most certainly get a mixed bag of answers. That’s because there are so many incredible amenities available in the Highlands that it’s hard to nail down just one overwhelming attraction. People who visit the Highlands likely come for the restaurants, shopping, parks, and walkability. Similarly, residents of the Highlands will make you aware that all of the above becomes even more attractive when you can walk out your front door and immediately be immersed in the Highlands culture. Spring time is some of the best time in Louisville, and definitely a beautiful season in the Highlands neighborhood. People are excited to be moving toward warmer weather and the Kentucky Derby Festival events, but there’s one event to me that really sticks out as the catalyst for for Spring fever: The Ancient Order of Hibernians annual St Patrick’s Parade.

Why the hype?

StPatricksParadeHiberniansUndoubtedly one of the best Spring events in Louisville, the St Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands is a local favorite for kids as well as adults (big kids). First, this is a fresh opportunity to get out and about after the cold weather has kept us inside. Second, this is the first chance of the year for neighborhood fellowship on everyone’s favorite main drag: Baxter Ave / Bardstown Rd. Third, the St Patrick’s Parade draws more than 60,000 Louisville residents. Fourth, it seems to be the most anticipated event of the Spring based on the number of Google searches containing the words “Highlands St Patrick’s Parade” executed between February 10 and the day of the event.

What should I expect?

Arrive early – As I mentioned above, the St Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands is a popular event, and if you’re familiar with Highlands parking, you will understand the need to get there early.
Spotty cell phone coverage – This many people crammed into at 12-block radius makes for sketchy phone service while you’re on Bardstown Rd / Baxter Ave.
Different areas, different crowd – If you are bringing children, you may want to know that the Mid City Mall area is more kid-friendly than, say, Molly Malone’s. You will want to be aware of which type of St Patrick’s Parade experience you are looking to have. See map below
Check the Weather – WDRB Weather is a great place to see an hourly forecast. The Weather Channel tends to be less accurate. You want to dress accordingly since weather is tough to predict at this point in the year.

 Of course, expect to have a great time! This map will give you some insight into the the best parking, kid-friendly areas, and the overall route of the parade. Remember that this is the Louisville St Patrick’s Parade and people will be people. Although I have some recommendations, no one can predict it all. Most importantly, be safe.

Saturday, March 14, 2015 the Louisville St Patrick’s Parade in the Highlands begins at 3:00 pm and lasts 2 – 3 hours.

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