“Rump Fest” – Highland Ave Block Party Coming Soon

This time of year in Louisville always brings out the party in everyone. The Highlands alone typically has 30 or 40 different events that take place between the first day of Spring and the first day of Summer, and it’s common for Louisville residents to want to break loose when the weather changes from suck to awesome. I found out about a new event that will be taking place this year, and I wanted to share with you the few details that I know.

RumplingsSignOur favorite noodle shop, Rumplings, at 2009 Highland Ave is partnering with the new apparel store across the street and several local event gurus to bring you “Rump Fest”. On Sunday, May 24th Highland Ave will be blocked off between Baxter Ave and the alley for a full day of Highlands shenanigans and festivities. While Rumplings is typically closed on Sundays, they will be open that day to serve all your favorite noodle dishes. In addition to the Rumplings menu, there will be other food stations out on the street as well as a full bar for the day, according to Rumplings owner Griffin Paulin. The outdoor food stations might just be the beginnings of a new addition to the existing Rumplings menu. Paulin says he plans to debut his Korean BBQ at Rump Fest and work out the kinks before placing it on the menu. He also seemed very excited about the local, and possibly regional live music acts that will be performing throughout the day. The family-friendly festival will be a chance for neighbors to come together and enjoy the nice weather with friends, live music, and some of the best food in Louisville.

Stay tuned for more details and a full list of bands as everything becomes available. You will definitely want to mark you calendar for Sunday, May 24 starting around 1:00 and lasting all day. Rump Fest will be a delightful Highlands event!

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