The Post: Serious New York Style Pizza in Germantown

Walking into this renovated, converted shotgun house, I immediately knew I was home. The city of Louisville doesn’t need another pizza place, but we definitely need The Post, Germantown’s newest dining establishment on Goss Avenue. Serving delicious New York style thin and floppy pizza, The Post is Louisville’s 4 billionth pizza restaurant (numbers may be exaggerated), but it’s the only Louisville pizza restaurant I’m paying attention to from now on, and here’s why:

Is that the White Stripes? Yep. Feels good sitting down at the bar ready to taste awesome pizza when you walk in to Jack White jams. Ian behind the bar saw me quickly as I sat down. He grabbed me a Bells Two Hearted Ale from the draft and gave me a menu. Now we’re listening to Radiohead, but not “shoot me in the face” Radiohead; It’s the Radiohead tunes you always want to hear, like “High and Dry”. I had to debate myself in my own mind for a bit to decide whether I wanted a calzone, a 12-inch pizza (leftovers to take home for my pregnant wife, of course), or the lunch special: a giant slice & breadstick for $5.95. Thievery Corporation just started playing on the speakers. In my mind I’m like, “holy crap, even if the pizza sucks, I’m still happy drinking a beer and listening to their tunes”. I’ll be back either way.

The Post - Pizza in LouisvilleI decided to keep it simple with a giant pepperoni slice and a breadstick. As soon as Ian put in my order I started taking notes on my phone about how cool this place is, the beers they offer: Lagunitas Maximus IPA in a bottle (as well as others by Lagunitas), cans of a few different Evil Twin brews, Deschutes, Founders, Left Hand, Brooklyn, New Belgium, and North Coast, just to name a few. They also have some hipster faves like cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller High Life – the champaign of beers, and Stroh’s. You can keep those last three, but the rest of the beer list is diverse and delicious. I see Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix on the shelf behind the bar. Good call. Speaking of “z” words, I can hear Led Zeppelin bringing radical tunes to my ears at this point in my visit. Is that Tres Agaves organic margarita mix I see? It sure is, and if you’re not making your own fresh squeezed margaritas, Tres Agaves is the next best thing… the Zing Zang of margarita mixes. A small, but strong bourbon list rounds out this full service restaurant.

A huge slice of pepperoni awesome is delivered to me with the largest breadstick I have ever encountered and a side of marinara. Zero 7 is playing. Haven’t heard this song in forever and I love it. The breadstick is buttery and full of flavor. The marinara is even better. Ian delivers a Lagunitas IPA to me from the draft, and I start in on the slice. The crust is fabulous; perfectly floppy, yet not falling apart; foldable, flavorful, and now Phoenix is playing. What Pandora station is this? It’s freakin’ awesome! I used the accoutrements provided to me, of course, to season the pie a bit…parmesan, crushed reds, and granulated garlic. The sauce is amazing and the perfect amount of cheese is melted on top. I got napkins and silverware delivered to me in a mason jar, and there wasn’t really much else that I needed. I finished every bite, and I promise to return frequently. The Post New York Style Pizza is Louisville’s best new pizza restaurant, and that’s saying a lot coming from this pizza lover!

The Post in Germantown is definitely my new favorite pizza in Louisville. They deliver a great atmosphere (complete with dart boards), fantastic service, and an incredible pizza! I can’t wait to try the calzones and sandwiches.

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