Will the Housing Market Crash Soon? 3rd Quarter Update

I have to admit that the title of this article might be a little scarier than the message, however homeowners across the U.S. need to be kept up to date on what’s happening with their investments. My short answer to whether or not the housing market is about to crash again is “not immediately”. However, there are certain flags that are being raised which could be signaling the end of our current housing market upswing. Continue reading “Will the Housing Market Crash Soon? 3rd Quarter Update”

Beer Me: Exploring Louisville’s Breweries

The explosion of the craft beer movement across the United States did not skip Louisville. In fact, there are about 30 craft breweries in the state of Kentucky as of July 2015, and 20 of those 30 breweries are based in either Louisville or Lexington. Kentucky ranks in the top 25 of all 50 states now with the craft brew love spreading into Paducah, Bowling Green, and a few other small cities across the commonwealth. Continue reading “Beer Me: Exploring Louisville’s Breweries”

New in the Highlands: America. The Diner.

It used to be sushi or a shoe store or something. I guess it used to be a lot of things, but most recently it was delicious breakfast. While it’s a bit of a bummer that we no longer have Eggs Over Baxter in the spot on Baxter Ave between Chase Bank and O’Shea’s Irish Pub, we can rest knowing that the Crescent Hill location, Eggs Over Frankfort, is still alive and kicking out some fantastic breakfast. Continue reading “New in the Highlands: America. The Diner.”