What’s for Lunch in Louisville? (part 2)

Lunch is one of my favorite things. I love sandwiches, salads, and appetizers; and all of these things could be considered “lunch food”, according to me. Last year I wrote part one of this piece and called it, “Lunch Lovers Love Louisville Lunches“. Today I come to you with an even greater love for Lunch in Louisville, and some new additions to the list!

The Anchorage Cafe | Anchorage

The addition of quality restaurants in Anchorage over the past couple of years has only upped the value of this small community. Located in the heart of the Anchorage downtown area, the Anchorage Cafe serves up some of Louisville’s best lunch at a modest price… Actually they serve breakfast and lunch, and everything is awesome. The Farm Burger is just an amazing burger. Beef from Marksbury Farm, and other local ingredients will make you happy and full, and for only $10! Depending on the day, you may find a special grilled cheese, pork tenderloin sandwich, or any number of delicious offerings. Either way, you’ll want to stop here for lunch. If it’s a nice day, enjoy a seat on the patio!

Epic Sammich Co | Highlands

If you can’t tell by the name, this place is pretty epic. Sitting in the tiny spot on Highland Ave near Wick’s in the Highlands, Epic Sammich Co is the key to a happy lunch in Louisville. These are serious, chef-driven deli sandwiches with as many local ingredients as you can imagine. This place is the “fine dining” of sandwich shops, but without the fine dining attitude and prices. The Cuban sandwich here is super legit. The bread, the pork, the extras, all top notch. The flavors are explosive. You might also want to try any sandwich with steak or brisket on it. You will certainly leave here with a desire to come back for more!

Fontleroy’s | Highlands

Yes, I just recently wrote about my first experience at Allan Rosenberg’s new restaurant in the Highlands called “Fontleroy’s”. I have already been back for seconds, and I have to admit, while eating dinner here is something I plan on doing with my wife very soon, I love this place for lunch! There’s just enough awesome on the Fontleroy’s menu so that you can switch up your routine. Salad one day, short rib sandwich the next day, fish the next day, and so on. Always start with something! Cornbread, Jar Flight, Fried Green Tomatoes, or Lamb Ribs, you can’t go wrong with anything here! They also have an amazing burger, or you can get a lot of their dinner entrees for lunch if you’re extra hungry.

Joella’s Hot Chicken | St Matthews

If you’re headed to Joella’s Hot Chicken on the border of St Matthews and Crescent Hill for lunch, you will need to either get there early, or get there late. I had lunch at Joella’s at 2:00 pm one day, and there were about 25-30 people eating in there as well. If you go at noon, you’ll find a line out the door and around the building. It’s not a surprise either. Tony Palombino (Boombozz, Manny & Merle), has done it again! This time he’s serving up Nashville style hot chicken, and it’s fabulous. There are a few different flavors, or “spice levels” of this fantastic fried chicken, including one without any kick, but I would say that you’re fine to get “Joella’s Favorite”. There is so much flavor in this chicken that you will definitely want to slap someone. I usually get the tenders, but if you’re a fan of on-the-bone chicken, you can get thighs, legs, etc. This Louisville lunch will make you smile.

The Post | Germantown

My first experience at The Post on Goss Ave was for lunch, and I haven’t changed that tradition yet. First, they have an excellent draft selection, so depending on your day, have a beer. Second, they have a slice of the day that is amazing always. Third, you can usually get a slice an a breadstick for something ridiculously inexpensive like $6.00 I think. Your slice is some of the best pizza in Louisville, and this breadstick you get is at least a foot long, and it’s seasoned to perfection. You could also bring some friends and order a whole pie! The meatball sandwich, the Italian sandwich, both will rock your socks off. Keep it real. Keep it awesome. Go to The Post for your next Lunch in Louisville.

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