Date Night: Cooking at the Cottage

promenadeDate night is something that guys think happens every night as we watch our favorite tv shows on the couch with our spouse. Ladies tend to associate date night with something a little more thoughtful, and a lot more exciting. I can’t blame them. I always have a blast when my wife and I do date night, it’s just that we dudes sometimes forget to plan one. Especially when you have a 9-month old baby girl at home who causes memory loss and energy loss. One of the best Christmas presents I received was a couples’ cooking class at Cooking at the Cottage in St Matthews. First, this gift eliminated the need for memory and preparation while trying to create a date night. Second, we had never done anything like this, plus I love to cook and my wife has been learning, so this seemed to fit right in with our current life status.

We walked into the shop situated across the courtyard from Coal’s Artisan Pizza in the Promenade, and went to the counter to check in. We were already familiar with this process since we actually showed up the night before thinking that it was the night we had booked (remember how 9-month old babies cause memory loss?). I noticed a few couples were already sitting at the tables drinking wine. You can bring your own wine here? Yep. I took a quick walk across the street to see my friend Sam at the Top Hat wine store and came back. Cooking at the Cottage also has wine that they will give you if you don’t bring your own, and everyone gets water as well. We did a quick meet and greet with the people sitting near us, and enjoyed some conversation while we waited for everyone to arrive and the class to begin. The owners of Cooking at the Cottage, Mark and Linda Bayens, are super friendly and accommodating. Their kindness is part of the experience, as you can see how much they enjoy their shop. They say a few words to the group before the class begins.

When the time comes, your chef appears, introduces him or herself, and explains a little bit about what to expect for the evening. While they occasionally have celebrity chefs from around town, the chef is typically a culinary professor from Sullivan, and he or she is prepared to assist you throughout the entire process. All the ingredients are individually measured and wrapped for ease of use, and I love that they give you a packet of papers containing all the recipes that you will be cooking for the night. It’s nice to have those recipes to make at home some day. The chef coaches the group through each recipe, explaining techniques and other things that will help you prepare ANY meal. You and your plus one are responsible for making both of your meals, which is very helpful since we cook for two all the time. It’s nice to know that there are recipes out there for less than an army. Obviously, if something goes wrong during your cooking they are prepared to help you make up for it, but it truly is a completely hands-on cooking class.

This is one fantastic date night in Louisville, and definitely worthy of being thrown into a regular rotation. We were able to meet some new people, learn some new things in the kitchen, and enjoy quality time together. We had a lot of laughs, and at the end of the evening we were able to eat a delicious meal that we had made. It was very delicious. Seriously. Chicken Wellington with some sort of mushroom demi-glace, mixed vegetables, and cheesecake for dessert! I would have to recommend this for anyone looking to change things up from the standard dinner out. At just little more than $100, you can’t beat it!

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