El Camino Re-opening in Germantown

After closing its doors back at the end of the 2016 Summer for a brief interlude, El Camino has recently reported that they will be re-opening as they had planned to do all along. The groovy, surfer chic, SoCal-esque, Mexican street food eatery was originally intended to be a bit smaller in scale than their former location on Bardstown Rd. However, that location is hard pass up, and it’s most likely at least part of the reason that El Camino became so successful so quickly.  Their delicious tacos, delightful chips and dips, and gnarly margaritas have been missed over the past few months, but the plan for the owners has always been to locate a new spot and re-open. The time is now, and they have landed on Goss Ave in Germantown next to The Post.

This will be a large, multi-facet project. The space next to The Post is Yesternook. Yesternook is supposed to be closing at the end of February and moving into Smoketown/Shelby Park. One of the El Camino and Silver Dollar partners, Shawn Cantley, is also partner at a local law firm. They will be renovating the space and turning it into law offices. The space next to that is where they will build a brand new 4,000 sq ft restaurant for El Camino. How long this will take and how much it will cost are a couple of many unknown details at this point. One thing is for sure, El Camino will continue to crank out the delicious food that they’re known for. I’m sure some changes will occur across the board for food and beverages, but they will still be El Camino, and that makes me happy.

The owners are also aware that the patio on Bardstown Rd was absolutely dope. Outdoor space will be a big part of the new Germantown restaurant as well. Parking will be an upgrade because there will actually be a parking lot. Although it will be shared with the law firm, it would seem that operating hours are opposite each other, which should allow for parking to work for both businesses. Remember when I told you about Germantown’s rise to the top? This is only solidifying what is happening in the area. When the former Craft House reinvents itself and re-opens across the street, Goss Ave will be home to 7 hot spots within a few blocks of each other. Among them: The Pearl, Four Pegs, the newly reformed Eiderdown, The Post, and El Camino. What a great mix!

Be on the lookout for more details as they become available.

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