Butchertown Pizza Hall Inspires Me

I’ve been working on my pizza dough recipe. I used to work at a rad little pizza place called Mojo Pie when I lived in Hilton Head, SC (t-shirt->)   Since leaving there, I’ve always wanted to duplicate that dough. New York Style thin crust pizza is my favorite. You may remember how stoked I was when I first ate at The Post. So I started working on my dough. Recently, Allan Rosenberg, formerly the driving force behind Papalino’s Pizza and Fontleroy’s, decided to open Butchertown Pizza Hall on Story Ave. Now that I’ve eaten at BPH, I have been inspired by the dough. Whether that inspiration leads me to actually create my delicious homemade dough or just eat at Butchertown Pizza Hall every day, I’m not sure. Here’s what inspired me about my first visit:


Just pick a parking spot and walk in. That’s it? Yep. The parking situation here is pretty awesome. It’s not so common in this area, but Butchertown Pizza Hall has a serious parking lot. Cool. The atmosphere in here is exactly what I expected. “Pizza hall” is the truth, and I love it. Tall ceilings, plenty of tables, a cool wooden bar with mirrors and solid wood shelves supported by iron pipes. In the back there is a game room with some classic video games, a Golden Tee machine, and my personal favorite, shuffleboard. It’s a cool concept that takes me way back to childhood.

Also cool… their beer. It’s a good selection. Something for everyone. It’s not laden with IPAs (side note: I love IPAs. They’re my GOTO, but come on y’all, certain local establishments need to find some variety in their lists). The beer list also has some classics like Shlitz and Stroh’s. Are you feeling the vibe yet?


While I was tempted to get a slice (or 2), I was with my brother, and that fact gave us the ability to order a whole pie. So we did. We got the medium “Whole Hog” pizza: pepperoni, bacon, meatball, ham, sausage. This pizza came out on that silver frisbee looking better than a commercial. For me, the toppings were perfect. You know how sometimes you can’t find the toppings and sometimes the toppings completely overtake the flavor of the sauce, cheese, and dough? Not here. The flavors are on point. The ingredients are fresh, the crust is browned up nicely, a thin layer of melted mozz, and the ultimate kicker… a sprinkling of FRESH BASIL finishes this beast off. It was a daisy. I think perhaps one of the most surprising parts of the visit is that this pizza, New York Style thin crust with all these amazing meats, was not the greasy mess that you might find at other pizza places in Louisville. It was a phenomenon that I had not experienced with this type of pizza before. Stoked as we were, we crushed the entire pie.  There is no denying this pizza.

Look, I’ve said it before: we have a lot of pizza in this city. But, Butchertown Pizza Hall, in its location with its fabulous product, is a superb addition to the Louisville restaurant scene. See you there!

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