Pew People Offer Serious Style for Your Wedding

Planning a dream wedding takes a great vision. With helpful online tools, like Pinterest, it’s easier now for couples to cycle through thousands of other couples’ visions, and pick one that fits the look they are trying to achieve. John Paul and Ashleigh McLean had a vision for their wedding that embodied their love for all things vintage and the beauty of the Kentucky countryside. Part of that dream included renting vintage church pews in an outdoor setting. I know, what a great idea, right? They figured there had to be a pew rental company out there that could help, but instead they found that no such company exists. Determined to make this dream wedding a reality, Ashleigh and JP began searching for old pews that they could purchase instead. After plenty of hard work and persistence, and a thousand miles on the road, they returned home to the Highlands from North Carolina with a set of pews that would make their wedding look and feel exactly how they had planned. Nowadays, Ashleigh and JP are “Pew People”, helping other couples realize their dream wedding by offering a variety of pews to rent for upcoming nuptials. Continue reading “Pew People Offer Serious Style for Your Wedding”