Louisville 4th of July, Independence Day Celebrations

Family fun abounds at every turn during the summer in Louisville, and 4th of July Independence Day Celebrations are certainly no exception. There are more than enough family-friendly events around Louisville this year to help you get out of the house and celebrate the 4th of July with the rest of the city! Continue reading “Louisville 4th of July, Independence Day Celebrations”

The Local’s Guide to Kentucky Derby Festival

The largest fireworks display in North America kicks off the beginning of the two week party for the two minute horse race every year in Louisville. Thunder Over Louisville, with amazing weather, went off without a hitch over the weekend (April 18th, 2015), and to us local folks it also marks the beginning of the madness we call The Kentucky Derby Festival. With differing local opinions on actually participating in the Kentucky Derby, there is one thing most of us Louisvillians can agree on: the two weeks leading up to the greatest two minutes in sports at the world’s most legendary racetrack is fun no matter who you are. My goal is to give you a list of the best Kentucky Derby Festival events to attend whether you live here, or you’re just in town for the ride. This is The Local’s Guide to Kentucky Derby Festival. Continue reading “The Local’s Guide to Kentucky Derby Festival”

Tailspin Ale Fest 2015

Cold beer? In an airplane hangar? On a cold winter day? Three times yes! By the way, the hangar is heated. Beer enthusiasts know that a little snow and some record breaking temperatures won’t keep them from tasting some of the country’s best beers from some of the country’s best breweries. Last year more than 2,500 people enjoyed fellowship and flavor at the inaugural Louisville event celebrating craft beer: Tailspin Ale Fest. This year they have decided to spread the festival over a two-day period. Friday, February 20th and Saturday February 21st will mark the second annual Tailspin Ale Fest hosted in Louisville Executive Aviation Hangar at Bowman Field. Continue reading “Tailspin Ale Fest 2015”

502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502

taste of 502It’s for good reasons that Louisville’s food scene is becoming well-known and being praised across the country. Creative concepts and unparalleled menus are being born at a steady rate, and the chef community in Louisville is working overtime. One of the best winter events in Louisville is upon us, and it highlights Louisville chefs and restaurants, and their vision for the Louisville food scene. It also means that Spring is right around the corner! Continue reading “502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502”

Louisville’s Greatest Awards – 2014 RESULTS

Now that we have entered 2015, it’s time to start looking back at what we experienced in 2014. From restaurants to real estate, Louisville saw some pretty amazing changes, and quite a bit of progress. Based on my personal experience, a few friends, and input from social media throughout the entire year, I have decided to reveal some of the greatest things in Louisville for 2014. There is so much awesomeness that it’s hard to include everyone. Louisville’s Greatest Awards came about based on the following criteria:

Restaurants/pubs: Price, service, product, and atmosphere
Events: Popularity, organization, amenities
Real Estate: All data taken from the Greater Louisville MLS Continue reading “Louisville’s Greatest Awards – 2014 RESULTS”