Louisville’s Greatest Awards – 2014 RESULTS

Now that we have entered 2015, it’s time to start looking back at what we experienced in 2014. From restaurants to real estate, Louisville saw some pretty amazing changes, and quite a bit of progress. Based on my personal experience, a few friends, and input from social media throughout the entire year, I have decided to reveal some of the greatest things in Louisville for 2014. There is so much awesomeness that it’s hard to include everyone. Louisville’s Greatest Awards came about based on the following criteria:

Restaurants/pubs: Price, service, product, and atmosphere
Events: Popularity, organization, amenities
Real Estate: All data taken from the Greater Louisville MLS Continue reading “Louisville’s Greatest Awards – 2014 RESULTS”

Grind Burger Kitchen Success Leaves No Room For Truck

One of the best burgers in Louisville is movin’ on up! If you’re not familiar with Jesse and Liz Huot, then now might be your time to eat one of their fabulous Louisville burgers. They started their operation as the Grind Gourmet Burger Truck back in 2012. The food truck would camp out at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market, and other special events around Louisville serving amazing burgers. The Grind team partners with local and regional farms to bring the highest quality burger to the streets. Continue reading “Grind Burger Kitchen Success Leaves No Room For Truck”

Best Tacos in Louisville

Eating a delicious taco is one of my favorite things to do. You may have noticed a growing population of taco shops around Louisville in the past couple of years. I suppose people finally realized that we have more pizza restaurants than people. Louisville’s taco trend has actually worked out great for taco-lovers like myself, because there seems to be friendly competition between restaurants to create the best tacos in Louisville. They just keep getting better! Below are my favorite tacos in Louisville. Some are down right authentic, and others are a bit creative, but one thing’s for certain: they’re all ridiculously delicious. Continue reading “Best Tacos in Louisville”

Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy

Have you eaten a truck recently? In Louisville, trucks taste great! There’s no doubt that the food truck frenzy is sweeping the nation, bringing some of the best grub in the world to parking lots and street corners near you. Louisville’s food truck scene is nothing short of freakin’ phenomenal! Here are some of my favorite mobile kitchens in Louisville: Continue reading “Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy”