Bourbon Rules

In the state of Kentucky there are 5 Million barrels of bourbon aging at this very moment. The population of Kentucky is around 4.5 Million people. Do you get your own personal barrel of bourbon when you’re born in Kentucky? No. But knowing that there are more aging bourbon barrels than residents in the state, one could assume that we Kentuckians might know a few things about the “brown water”. What is bourbon? Well, in Kentucky, Bourbon rules. So let’s take a look at the “rules” of bourbon-making.  Continue reading “Bourbon Rules”

A Blast From the Past: Missing Louisville Restaurants

Louisville’s restaurant scene has become quite impressive over the years. With a multitude of renowned chefs and a focus on local, farm-to-table dining, Louisville has popped up on the radar for foodies everywhere. While we acknowledge growth and improvement, I would like to also acknowledge a few of the fallen restaurants along the way. Here’s to a few places that were delicious while they lasted!

Kaelin’s Restaurant | Speed Ave & Newburg Rd | Highlands

KaelinsPatioKaelin’s Restaurant pioneered the cheeseburger. That would be the FIRST cheeseburger. Everyone in Louisville knows that this place made one of Louisville’s best cheeseburgers. What a total bummer that it’s closed! One more time I would like to order the fried green tomatoes appetizer and KaelinsWavesave one to put on my cheeseburger. Hopefully soon, you can at least enjoy their patio again. The recently occupying Mulligan’s has also closed, but the famous sign is still intact. I also noticed that the space next door gives a little tip of the hat to the olden days with its name, Kaelin’s Coffeehouse. Continue reading “A Blast From the Past: Missing Louisville Restaurants”