Two Days in Louisville: The Perfect Schedule

What if you only had two days to spend in Louisville, KY? What would you do? How would you pack your days full of awesome? Louisville has so much going on that you would have to be very selective in order to get the best of the best during your short stay. I fear that you could possibly miss something if you’re not careful, but that, I suppose, is the fun of the challenge. Recently, a friend called me for the inside scoop on Louisville as he was planning a bachelor party. While the information below isn’t exactly what I told him for the bachelor party, his question made me think about my favorite things in Louisville, and what I would want someone from out of state to take away from their visit. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading “Two Days in Louisville: The Perfect Schedule”

Selecting a Mortgage Lender for Your Louisville Home Purchase

There are three people that you want by your side when you buy your next home in Louisville: a great home inspector, a proven Realtor, and a knowledgeable local lender that cares. These three people need to be your expert, your proxy, and your adviser throughout the home buying process. Blindly picking them without doing your own due diligence will create problems for you down the road. Since the financing portion of the home buying process determines whether or not you will even need a Realtor and a home inspector, let’s talk about how to pick a mortgage lender that will service your specific needs. Continue reading “Selecting a Mortgage Lender for Your Louisville Home Purchase”

Louisville Renters Become Louisville Homeowners

In doing my job as a Realtor,  I have realized that there are major differences in (1) the types of home buyers out there, and (2) their motivating factors behind wanting to become a homeowner. Por ejemplo (that’s Spanish), right now there are at least 20 different people renting in my neighborhood who could probably qualify for and afford to buy their own home. The differences: some people want to buy a home but they know (or think) they can’t. Some people don’t want to buy a home, and don’t care whether or not they can qualify. And the rest of the potential home buyers out there simply haven’t thought to look into it. No matter which camp you belong to, my advice is this… don’t take advice from people who aren’t qualified to give the type of advice you are seeking. What I mean is, you might have heard someone tell a horror story about buying a home that they heard from someone else. Or maybe you read something in USA Today that made it seem like someone like you could never qualify to buy a home. Instead of accepting defeat, see for yourself! The only way you will ever know is by taking the proper steps to find out. Even if you find out that you can’t buy a house yet, you will at least know what it takes to get there. Continue reading “Louisville Renters Become Louisville Homeowners”

Germantown Homes Fly Off the Shelf

If you’re a homeowner in the Highlands then you’re most likely aware that Highlands homes are hot items and, when priced correctly, should never sit on the market for longer than a week or two. Are you also aware that Germantown homes have the same capability? Within close proximity to the Highlands and the University of Louisville, Germantown has a convenient location at a much more reasonable price than the surrounding areas. Germantown has come a long way in the last ten years, but the biggest difference has been realized in the last two years, and it’s obvious when you see how quickly the homes are selling. Continue reading “Germantown Homes Fly Off the Shelf”

Highlands Apartments: The Woods at Lexington Road, Dundee Place

Local real estate investment, development, and management firm, Poe Companies, seems to be incredibly busy these days. Poe has done a vast majority of the Marriott projects around Louisville including the downtown Marriott. They have completed a number of professional … Continue reading Highlands Apartments: The Woods at Lexington Road, Dundee Place