502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502

taste of 502It’s for good reasons that Louisville’s food scene is becoming well-known and being praised across the country. Creative concepts and unparalleled menus are being born at a steady rate, and the chef community in Louisville is working overtime. One of the best winter events in Louisville is upon us, and it highlights Louisville chefs and restaurants, and their vision for the Louisville food scene. It also means that Spring is right around the corner! Continue reading “502 Restaurant Week, Taste of 502”

502 Restaurant Week: Louisville’s Foodie Event

Whether you are a foodie, or you hate the word “foodie”, there’s no denying that Louisville is home to some of the most fantastic dining you can find.  We have a lot of “taste of” events in Louisville like Taste of Derby and Taste of Frankfort Ave, which are delicious and awesome, but if you look at other major (and minor) cities in this country, you find a lot of them have what is known as “restaurant week”.  Why doesn’t Louisville have one?  Enter 502 Restaurant Week, a new event that is meant to showcase the amazing eateries we have in … Continue reading 502 Restaurant Week: Louisville’s Foodie Event