What’s for Lunch in Louisville? (part 2)

Lunch is one of my favorite things. I love sandwiches, salads, and appetizers; and all of these things could be considered “lunch food”, according to me. Last year I wrote part one of this piece and called it, “Lunch Lovers Love Louisville Lunches“. Today I come to you with an even greater love for Lunch in Louisville, and some new additions to the list! Continue reading “What’s for Lunch in Louisville? (part 2)”

Lunch-Lovers Love Louisville Lunches

In Philadelphia there’s a restaurant that sells a $100 cheesesteak. Most of us probably wouldn’t spend that much money on a sandwich, but they apparently sell quite a few of them. A more traditional lunch might cost something more like ten to fifteen dollars instead. Sometimes you need to be quick, other times you can relax and enjoy your lunch. The Louisville lunch scene has something to offer for every style of lunch. Continue reading “Lunch-Lovers Love Louisville Lunches”