Best Tacos in Louisville

Eating a delicious taco is one of my favorite things to do. You may have noticed a growing population of taco shops around Louisville in the past couple of years. I suppose people finally realized that we have more pizza restaurants than people. Louisville’s taco trend has actually worked out great for taco-lovers like myself, because there seems to be friendly competition between restaurants to create the best tacos in Louisville. They just keep getting better! Below are my favorite tacos in Louisville. Some are down right authentic, and others are a bit creative, but one thing’s for certain: they’re all ridiculously delicious. Continue reading “Best Tacos in Louisville”

Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy

Have you eaten a truck recently? In Louisville, trucks taste great! There’s no doubt that the food truck frenzy is sweeping the nation, bringing some of the best grub in the world to parking lots and street corners near you. Louisville’s food truck scene is nothing short of freakin’ phenomenal! Here are some of my favorite mobile kitchens in Louisville: Continue reading “Louisville’s Food Truck Frenzy”