Grinstead Drive is Scarier Than Clowns

**They’ve made Grinstead Dr less scary. Here’s the follow-up. Since I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, Grinstead Dr has been somewhat of a nemesis since it robbed the integrity of the hood and front bumper on my first vehicle (1989 Honda Prelude – Yellow) after I crossed traffic and hit a telephone pole head on in the snow.  Yes, I was 17.  No, I wasn’t speeding.  I also have another nemesis: Clowns.  They are wicked scary.  Whether you live in The Highlands or not, if you live in Louisville, KY you might have driven down Grinstead Dr once or … Continue reading Grinstead Drive is Scarier Than Clowns

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Closes. Wait…WHAT?

A lot of people were disappointed this morning when they arrived at the front door of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe only to find it was CLOSED!  If you’re like me and most other people in the city of Louisville, you were a bit surprised to hear the news.  For many people it would seem quite abrupt to shut your doors the way owner Lynn Winter did, especially if you live in The Highlands and you drive by the neighborhood staple frequently enough to see the crowds that gather there.  I personally haven’t been to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in over 3 months, but not because … Continue reading Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Closes. Wait…WHAT?